Japan Lube Production Down, Sales Up


Japan Lube Production Down, Sales Up

Lubricant production in Japan declined 11% in January, while domestic sales of lubricants increased 3%, according to data released yesterday by a government agency.

Finished lube output for the month was 169,903 kiloliters (153,000 metric tons), compared to 191,055 kL in January of 2023, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry reported. That was the lowest production volume in the country since 169,291 kL in February last year.

Domestic sales volume for lubricants rose to 137,434 kL in January, up from 133,861 kL in the same month last year. That was the lowest such sales volume since 129,043 kL in August 2023.

Lubricant exports dropped 45% to 31,303 kL, compared to 56,591 kL. It marked the fourth consecutive month that exports were below 34,000 kL, after ranging from 45,320 kL to 67,730 kL during the first nine months of 2023.

Imports of lubricants also fell, by 54%, to 4,276 Kl, compared to 9,316 kL. That was the lowest import volume since 4,355 kL in November 2022. The lowest import volume in 2023 was 6,048 kL in July.

Grease production rose 12% to 4,381 kL, while domestic sales of greases ramped up 5% to 3,453 kL. Grease imports fell 51% to 110 kL, while grease exports increased 4% to 49 kL.

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