Saneg Revamped its Group I Base Oils


Saneg Revamped its Group I Base Oils
Refiner and base oil marketer Saneg revamped its API Group I base oil plant at its Fergana refinery in eastern Uzbekistan. Photo courtesy of Saneg

Uzbekistan’s refiner and base oil marketer Saneg revamped API Group I base oil production at its Fergana refinery with catalysts provided by the Danish engineering company Topsoe, the company told Lube Report Tuesday.

“The program to improve the quality of base oils is a step forward in Saneg’s commitment to innovation and product improvement,” Tulkin Yusupov, Saneg’s chief executive officer said in a Jan. 9 news release.

He added that the modernization program will allow the base oil plant to produce oils with “improved antioxidant and anticorrosive properties that match American Petroleum Institute standards.”

Saneg said the project upgrades the refinery’s atmospheric vacuum column. Topsoe’s new HyBRIM group of catalysts “can provide deep purification of oils from sulfur and nitrogen impurities,” the news release said. Saneg estimates that its efforts could result in production of 130,000 tons of high-quality Group I base oils in 2024.

The nameplate capacity of the base oil plant in Fergana is 500,000 t/y of Group I base oils.

Roman Zimovets, spokesperson of Saneg lube arm Seg Motol, said the Fergana base oil plant now offers solvent neutral 350, in addition to SN100, SN150 and SN240 grades, which were already offered.

“We are also developing SN500 and SNx900 grades that should be available on the market by the middle of 2024,” he said, adding that the company plans half of the production to be exported to foreign markets including Italy, the Baltic states and Turkey.

Part of the Fergana modernization is an ongoing upgrade to produce 150,000 t/y of Group II and Group III base oils. The project was delayed in 2023 and completion is now estimated to take place in 2025.

The company also produces several types of industrial lubricants, all under the obsolete GOST standard, widely used in for equipment made in Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Saneg’s lubricant arm produces a range of finished lubricants under the Seg Motol brand, including motor, transmission, hydraulic, gear, compressor and other types of lubricants.