Car and Truck Sales Rose in Southeast Asia


Car and Truck Sales Rose in Southeast Asia
A variety of parked scooters and motorcycles near Chocolate Hills in Bohol, the Philippines. © aldarinho

In Southeast Asia in 2022, sales of four-wheel automobiles rose 23%, while sales of motorcycles and scooters in four key countries increased 14%, according to Asean Automotive Federation data. The 2022 automobile sales nearly matched the pre-pandemic sales total of 3.5 million in 2019.

Last year, total motor vehicle sales – including passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles – among Association of Southeast Asian Nation countries climbed to 3.4 million vehicles, compared to 2.8 million in 2021. Sales increased in Malaysia by 42% to 720,658, in Vietnam by 33% to 404,635, in the Philippines by 31% to 352,596, in Indonesia by 18% to 1 million vehicles and in Thailand by 13% to 849,388. Sales dropped in in two smaller markets – Singapore, by 28% to 42,550, and by 24% in Myanmar to 7,068.

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During 2022, the highest increases in overall year-over-year monthly motor vehicle sales were 72% in August, when sales rose to 297,483, and 55% in July, when sales reached 262,262. The largest monthly sales figures were 340,946 in December and 330,724 in March.

The federation tracks sales of motorcycles and scooters in four Asean member countries: Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. Among those four countries, sales of motorcycles and scooters increased 14% to 4 million, compared to 3.6 million. The highest increase, 37%, occurred in Malaysia, where the total reached 680,749. In Thailand, the largest market, such sales rose 12% to 1.8 million. Sales in the Philippines increased 9% to 1.6 million. In Singapore, the smallest market, sales were up 5% at 12,016.

By far the largest increase in year-on-year monthly motorcycle and scooter sales was 69% in August, when sales reached 373,733, compared to 221,257. That month also was the second highest monthly sales figure last year, trailing only the 375,669 recorded in June.

In addition to sales, the federation covers production of motor vehicles in the same six countries. Total production in 2022 increased 24% to 4.4 million. The largest year-over-year monthly increases was 77% in August to 405,203. The highest monthly production figures were 421,773 in November and 421,610 in September. The federation’s motorcycle and scooter production data only covered Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. Production increased 16% to 3.6 million in 2022. The largest year-over-year increase for a month was 131% in August, when production reached 331,608. The largest production totals for a month were 347,810 in November and 343,520 in September.

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