McDonch Opening Lube Plant in China


McDonch Petrochemical Co. announced on Sept. 1 it will soon open the first phase of a blending plant in Tianjin, China, with capacity to make 50,000 of finished lubricants.

The company said the factory will produce and package lubricants, coolants, engine oil additives, metalworking fluids and greases, along with other types of products, and that it plans to focus on the high end of China’s automotive aftermarket.

According to McDonch, the factory is being built in two phases, and the first cost ¥120 million (U.S. $16.4 million) for the first phase. That phase includes a new office building, an exhibition hall, a research and development center, a blending workshop, a warehouse, a storage tank farm and a control center allowing automated monitoring of operations.

The plant will open with 31 outdoor tanks, 14 filling lines and capacity to store nearly 4,000 tons of finished products and nearly 6,000 tons or raw materials.

The company said it has reserved space to double production capacity in the second phase. It added that the schedule for undertaking the second phase will depend on market conditions.

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