Japan Lube Demand Rises, Production Falls


Japan Lube Demand Rises, Production Falls

Consumption of finished lubricants in Japan rose 13%, while the country’s lubricants production declined 9%, and lubricant exports tumbled 20% in May, according to data released today by a government agency.

Japan’s lubricant consumption increased to 145,784 kiloliters (131,000 metric tons) in May, compared to 128,938 kL in the same month last year, the Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry reported. May’s total was the second highest for a month this year, behind 176,282 kL in March.

The country’s lubricant production declined to 201,108 kL, from 220,533 kL. It marked the third consecutive month that production topped the 200,000-kL mark.

Lubricant exports fell to 62,228 kL in May, compared to 79,391 kL. Despite the year-on-year decrease, it was the second highest exports volume for a month this year, trailing only March’s 67,730 kL.

Imports of lubricants rose 21% to 18,103 kL, which was the highest imports volume for a month this year.

The ministry began tracking grease data in April last year. In May this year, grease sales increased 4% to 3,775 metric tons, and production bumped up 6% to 4,638 tons.

Grease imports dropped 36% to 124 tons, and exports of the product decreased 7% to 41 tons.

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