Volume 9 Issue 32

In China, Reconsidering Customized Oils

Engine oil marketers in China have generally not placed much focus on supplying products recommended for specific models or makes of vehicles or that meet original equipment manufacturer performance demands, but speakers at a recent industry conference talked up the strategy, which they refer to as precision lubrication.

Japan Explores Base Oil Rerefining

In an effort to reduce reliance on virgin base oils and to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, the Japanese government has commissioned the Japan Lubricating Oil Society to conduct a study on waste oil recycling and how to encourage rerefining. The study was done from April 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022, and “a report on the study will be released later,” an official from Jalos told Lube Report.

Can the Lubricants Industry Truly Be Sustainable?

Like many others, the lubricants industry is facing growing demands to operate in ways defined as sustainable. A special report from the August issue of Lubes’n’Greases discusses what sustainability means for lubricant suppliers, existing and looming policies that could affect the industry and ways that lubes businesses can become more sustainable.

India Firms Thrive Despite Conditions

Several Indian lubricant companies reported strong increases in profits for the quarter ended June 30. Pricing actions enabled them to alleviate the impacts of several factors during the quarter – increases in crude oil and additive prices, along with inflation – Castrol India Ltd., Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd. and GP Petroleums Ltd. said in their earnings statements.

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Briefly Noted

Sales of motorcycles and scooters in four Southeast Asia countries – Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand – jumped to 375,669 in June, a 36% increase compared to the same month last year, according to Asean Automotive Federation data. In the first half of this year, sales increased 7% to 2 million.