Volume 9 Issue 14

Eneos to Make Lubes with Biobased Base Oils

Japan’s Eneos Corp. plans to produce biobased lubricants and greases made with its proprietary base oils derived from vegetables by 2023, the company announced yesterday.

Eastern Lubricants’ Earnings Fall

Bangladesh’s Eastern Lubricants Blenders Ltd. reported steep drops in profit and revenue for the quarter ending Dec. 31 last year, which is the second quarter of its fiscal year 2021-2022.

Renewables to Drive China’s Carbon Reduction

An increase in renewable power in China to support the country’s strong growth in electrification is expected to be key to decarbonizing the country’s energy system, according to BP’s 2022 Energy Outlook.

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Briefly Noted

In the first quarter, 9.3 million vehicles were newly registered in China, including 6.6 million automobiles and 2.7 million motorcycles, according to statistics released by the country’s Ministry of Public Security.