Volume 6 Issue 42

SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

Demand to supply of tonnage is well balanced in the U.S. Gulf, keeping rates mostly stable. European markets are not under a great deal of stress either. However, Asia has been quieter recently.-by Adrian Brown

Growth Still Forecast for China Car Parc

Despite a current slump, an Infineum official said Chinas car market still has big potential to expand, and the quality of lubricants that it needs are also rising.

Mumbai: Indias Top Base Oil Gateway

Mumbai is the leading point of entry for base oil imports into India - one of the worlds largest importers of such products - thanks to better infrastructure and connectivity with other regions, according to industry insiders.

Profit Doubles at Copton Technology

Copton Technology Co.s third quarter profit more than doubled compared to the same period of 2018, thanks to a large jump in sales revenue and some cost control, according to a financial report filed Tuesday.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

Briefly Noted

Chevron Lubricants will supply lubricants and gear oils, among other products, to Yutao Automobile Repair in Luoyang, China, and Henan, China, after the two companies reached an agreement last week.