Volume 6 Issue 27

SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

July looks to be a promising month for the U.S. Gulf, and the over-supply of ships has eased a little in Europe, but trade remains very flat in the Asian markets.-by Adrian Brown

Most Diesel Oils in Asia Behind the Times

Diesel engine oils of obsolete API CF-4 service category and below still dominate Asias major commercial vehicle markets - China, India and Indonesia - a Lubrizol marketing official said at the ICIS Base Oils & Lubricants conference in Singapore last week.

Japans Lube Exports Rise as Domestic Sales Fall

Japans domestic lubricant sales volumes fell by more than 10 percent in 2018, but exports increased by 30 percent, according to data released recently by the countrys Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

New Steel Drum Plant to Serve Western India

Balmer Lawrie & Co. opened a new industrial packaging plant that manufactures steel drums last month in Vadodara, in the Indian state of Gujarat, to serve a growing market for 210-liter mild steel drums in the countrys western region. Customer segments for its drums include lubricants, transformer oil and additives.

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Briefly Noted

Hydrodec Groupagreed in principle onthe sale of its Australian transformer oil rerefinery for A$2 million (U.S. $1.4 million), excluding decommissioning and other associated costs. Conditions include a licensing agreement and the payment of royalties to Hydrodec for a minimum period of seven years.ExxonMobil Lubricants renewed its partnership with GoMechanic, a network of service centers based in India, as its exclusive lubricant partner.