Volume 5 Issue 50

SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

December space has become a lot more scarce in the both the United States Gulf and Asia as demand finally ramps up. Europe, however, is still remarkably subdued.-by Adrian Brown

Lube Industry Confronts Talent Shortage

Asias lubricant industry faces a shortage of skilled workers, and finding ways to attract local talent and younger employees is key to solving the problem, according to industry experts.

Rerefined Oils Near Price Parity in Australia

The Australian API Group I market depends almost solely on rerefined oils, the price of which is almost equal with its imported virgin equivalent as lubricant blenders recognize the quality of the recycled product.

Tianhe Introduces Engine Oil Packages

Tianhe Chemicals reported last month that it has launched lubricant additive packages for passenger car engine oils meeting the API SN and SL sequences as part of its efforts to introduce more profitable products.

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Briefly Noted

PT Pertamina appointed Meidawati as managing director of PT Pertamina Hulu Energi on Monday. Meidawati previously held the position of senior vice president of upstream strategic planning and operations evaluation at the Indonesian state-run energy company. Molyslip Ltd.will distribute Bergamo, Italy-based Bellini SpA‘s metal cutting lubricants throughout India while Bellini will distribute Molyslip’s line of lubricants in Italy after the two companies agreed to a partnership this week.