Volume 5 Issue 1

China Lacks Quality White Oils

China produces quite a bit of white oils, but niche applications such as rubber seals require high-quality plasticizers formulated with hydrocracked white oils, which often must come from foreign sources.

KH Neochem Plans Refrigeration Oil Additives Plant

KH Neochem Co. will build a 7.5 billion (U.S. $67 million) facility in western Japan to manufacture additives for refrigeration lubricants.

Chinese Firm to Recycle Motor Oils

A private chemical company in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province, will soon start to produce automotive lubricants using recycled waste oils.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

Editor's Letter

Beginning this week, LubesnGreases is switching to a regional format for Lube Report – and launching a third online newsletter. The new newsletter is Lube Report EMEA, which will focus on the lubricants industry in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and be published each Tuesday. Lube Report is being renamed Lube Report Americas and will continue to be published on Wednesdays.

We will continue to publish Lube Report Asia, but its publication day is switching to Friday. Subscriptions to the newsletters will continue to be free.

In making this change, we are expanding our coverage of the industry and at the same time providing a geographic focus which we believe readers will appreciate, Publisher Howard Briskin said.

Briefly Noted

The Philippines will set its 2018 excise tax rate at 8 pesos per liter/kilogram for all petroleum-based and synthetic base oils, finished lubricants and greases, according to a draft of the Bureau of Internal Revenues Revenue Regulations obtained by the Manila Bulletin. The tax will increase one peso per year through 2020. Shanxi Luan Taihang Lubricant Co. recently signed a deal to bolster its supply of lubes and greases for geared motors to manufacturing behemoth Siemens China operations, according to a Changzhi government website.