Volume 4 Issue 49

GST Benefits Still Elude Some Consumers

Indias central government enacted the Goods and Service Tax Act partly to facilitate cheaper goods for consumers. In the lubricants market, though, the fulfillment of that goal has been spotty, even four months after the laws passage.

Singapore Bans Some Short-Chain CPs

Beginning in June, Singapore will prohibit the use of short-chain chlorinated paraffins in metalworking fluids and other products, according to the countrys National Environmental Agency.

Korea Forecasts Flat Demand

South Koreas demand for lubricants is expected to remain around the level reported this year, which exceeded prior expectations, according to the Korea Lubricating Oil Industries Association.

Emirati Supplier Grabs for Indian Market Share

The United Arab Emirates-based German Mirror Lubricants & Greases launched its Mirr Oils brand of lubricants in India.

Briefly Noted

The Asia-Pacific region, and China in particular, leads the world in terms of projected growth in sales of aftermarket auto parts through 2025, primarily due to the presence of dominant eCommerce players including Alibaba, Amazon, Flipkart and eBay, according to Transparency Market Research. Globally, the growth rate of lubricating oil demand will exceed that of other types of aftermarket auto parts in the next few years. Dec. 1 marked the official launch of the Singapore-based Asian Lubricant Manufacturers Union.