Volume 4 Issue 17

India Largest Moto Market

Indias two-wheeler market has surpassed Chinas and will continue growing as vehicle ownership rises, an observer told an industry conference here earlier this month.

Pundit Advises Segmented Strategy in India

While Indias economy continues growing faster than any other, and its superlative tractor and two-wheeler parcs expand, opportunities only exist for automotive lubricants suppliers that play their cards right, according to Geeta Agashe, a consultant who relayed some tips at an industry event in Mumbai this month.

Russian Supplier Plans India Foray

Russian lubricants supplier Obninskorgsintez is set to expand its business in India this year, the company told Lube Report Asia last week.

Petronas, Hi-Tech Profits Improve, Gaoke's Decline

Petronas' domestic marketing arm increased revenue in 2016, while Gaoke's declined marginally. Hi-Tech Lubricant's third quarter profit rocketed.

ATIEL Launches Compliance Policy

ATIEL (the Technical Association of the European Lubricants Industry) published a compliance policy for lubricant marketers claiming to meet performance parameters against ACEA Oil Sequences, the European Automobile Manufacturers Associations set of engine oil standards. The policy can be downloaded here.