Volume 4 Issue 11

Bardahl Returns to Indonesia

Indonesia poses many barriers to entry, but American lubricant supplier Bardahl Manufacturing Corp. said its prepared to meet the markets various challenges in the hopes of reaping its potential.

JASO Updates Diesel Oil Standard

The Japanese Automotive Standards Organization revised its diesel engine oil standard, JASO M355, to include a new fuel economy category for heavy-duty oils as well as a new light-duty category to replace API 's retired CF-4.

Universal Tractor Oils to the Rescue

Tractor operators in India may increasingly turn to universal tractor transmission oils to eliminate the need for multiple oils in one machine, according to an industry insider addressing a recent conference in Uttar Pradesh.

Tianhe Complies with Investigation

Tianhe Chemicals Group Ltd. said it is complying with - but not the subject of - a Hong Kong government anti-bribery agencys investigation into possible dealings several years ago between a director of the company and an advisory firm.

Briefly Noted

Castrol signed an agreement with Chinese truck manufacturing company FAW Jiefang Automobile Co. that involves joint brand-building, product development, marketing and business development. Publishing company F&L Asia Ltd. announced plans to formAsian Lubricant Manufacturers Association, which it hopes will serve regional companies in the industry.