Volume 2 Issue 48

Jinxiang Aims to Fill Base Oil Gap

Sichuan Zhonghai Jinxiang aims to fill a regional gap by offering base oils and lubricants in Southwest China - using feedstock from a local bitumen refinery.

Pertamina Thinks Big Overseas

Pertamina Lubricants plans to increase overseas sales by expanding blending plants in Thailand and Indonesia, according to company sources.

Sri Lanka Easing Import Rules

A high-ranking Sri Lanka official recently called for the country to do away with rules that make it more difficult to import lubricants.

ExMo Reenters Vietnam

ExxonMobil is reentering the Vietnamese finished lubricants market via two distributors after selling its blending plant and most other lube assets there to Total in 2009.

New Weapons Fight Counterfeits

Anti-counterfeiting packaging technologies come with costs, but proponents say lubricant marketers should balance them against losses from being counterfeited.