Volume 2 Issue 42

Industry Still Rushing to Invest in China

As China overtakes the United States as the world's largest lubricant market, the industry's pace of investment seems unfazed by slowing economic growth.

Shell Indonesian Plant Nears Completion

Shell said it is within weeks of opening its first lubricant blending plant in Indonesia - a facility north of Jakarta with capacity of 120,000 metric tons per year.

S-Oil's Profits Rise

Lower crude oil costs helped S-Oils base oil business record a 42 percent year-to-year improvement in third quarter profitability, the company reported today.

CPC-Shell Won't Rebuild Plants

CPC and Shell Lubricants decided not to relocate base oil and lubricant blending operations that were closed in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, a source close to their joint venture told Lube Report Asia.

Briefly Noted

Shell said it has a goal to increase its share of Myanmars lubricant market to 15 percent in coming years, adding that it currently holds 5 percent. U.S. specialty chemical distributor Sea-Land Chemical Co. will begin working to supply metalworking fluid additives to Asia after the appointment of Kevin Bolt as business development specialist for that region.