Volume 1 Issue 50

Will Shell Divest its Stake in Tongyi?

Royal Dutch Shell is considering selling its 75 percent stake in Chinese lubricant joint venture Shell Tongyi (Beijing) Petroleum Chemical Co., Dow Jones news service reported last week.

PetroChina Pushes New Gear Oils for Trucks

In Chinas trucking industry it has long been common to use a single, standard lubricant for both transmissions and axles. Some say the practice no longer provides adequate protection in modern heavy-duty trucks, but industry sources suggest operators may be slow to change their habits.

Demand Growth Forecast for South Korea

Lubricant demand in South Korea is forecast to increase 1.2 percent in 2015, the Korea Lubricating Oil Industries Association said in its annual report released last month.

Briefly Noted

Attock Petroleum Ltd., Pakistans third-largest oil products marketer, agreed to carry JX Nippon Oil & Energys Eneos brand of lubricants. APL has a network of more than 500 fuel stations in Pakistan. Honda Malaysia introduced a new line of genuine engine oils meeting the API SN specification: a 10W-30 made with mineral oil base stock; a semi-synthetic 5W-30; and full synthetics 0W-20 and 0W-30. Sinopec established Sinopec Service Cameroon to expand its supply of lubricants and other oil products in that Central African country.