Volume 1 Issue 21

India Gulps Tractor Lubricants

Indias tractor market is the worlds largest, and some analysts say it will continue expanding at healthy rates for the foreseeable future, bringing tractor lube demand along with it.

Lube Stocks Regain Shine in South Korea

Operating performances of South Korean lubricant businesses have improved lately, helping them regain their luster in stock listings.

Aussie Rerefiners Exhale

Australia will continue to support oil recycling through its consumer-funded rebate program after vetoing a proposal to cut benefits.

NPG Plant Slated for Nanjing

BASF and Sinopec will build a neopentylglycol plant at their joint venture petrochemicals complex in Nanjing, China. NPG is used as a building block in the production of polyester resins for lubricants and other applications.

Plastics Supplier Buys Ace

British packaging manufacturer RPC Group agreed to buy Hong Kong-based Ace Corp. Holdings Ltd., a manufacturer of injection mold tools and components. RPG, which supplies packaging for lubricants, said the deal gives it a platform for growth in Asia