Volume 11 Issue 15

China Base Oil Exports on the Rise

China has for years been the world’s largest importers of base oils and barely an exporter, but both of those numbers are now trending in the opposite direction.

SK Forms Another Coolant Tie-up

SK Enmove has entered another partnership to develop and supply immersion coolants for data centers – this time teaming with sister company SK Telecom and cooling system designer Iceotope.

AP Oil Posts Lower Profits, Sales in 2023

Singaporean lubricants blender AP Oil International Ltd. reported steep declines in net profit and sales revenue for 2023, citing impacts of higher interest rates on lubricant demand, along with global supply chain impacts from military conflicts.

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Briefly Noted

Lubrizol Corp. opened a new Global Capability Center in Pune, India, as a hub to accelerate its growth in the region and enable closer collaboration for its customers and employees, leveraging local talent. More than 200 regional employees, representing functions that include engineering, supply chain, technology, finance, procurement, legal and human resources, are expected to be added to the site over the next year.