Lubrication Systems, Pumps Maker Acquired


Lubrication Systems, Pumps Maker Acquired
A technician checks a jet engine turbine on a passenger airliner. Aviation lubricants are among typical lube applications for pentaerythritol, which is commonly known as penta. © Fasttailwind

Aerospace and defense manufacturer Crane Co. acquired lubrication pump and system components producer Vian Enterprises for $103 million, the company announced last week, for products used in those same industries.

Vian, headquartered in Auburn, California, makes multi-stage lubrication pumps and system components, including valves, fluid regulators and gerotors. A gerotor is a positive displacement pumping device. All its products are made in-house at a facility built in 2020 with 100 machine tools, according to the company’s website.

Stamford, Connecticut-based Crane offers a number of products in the aerospace and electronics industry. That includes fluid and thermal management, power systems, sensing systems, landing systems and microwave solutions for air, land, space and sea vehicles.

“Vian is highly complementary to our Fluid Solution within the Aerospace & Electronics segment, significantly expanding our portfolio of mission critical aerospace flow control products,” Crane President and CEO Max Mitchell said in a press release. “Vian has strong positions on the most attractive commercial and military aircraft platforms today and combined with our existing fluid and thermal management capabilities, further strengthens our positioning for future content opportunities on engines, gearboxes and auxiliary power units.”

Crane also makes its own valves and pumps for petrochemical, pharmaceutical and water and wastewater applications, along with general industrial markets. It also supplies fiberglass reinforced plastic.

“Vian, along with the other acquisitions that we continue to pursue, meets our clearly defined strict financial and strategic acquisition criteria,” Mitchell said.

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