Trecora Acquires Pentasulfide Producer


Petrochemical manufacturer Trecora LLC announced last week that it has acquired the lubricant additives business of Chemtrade, which it called a leading manufacturer phosphorus pentasulfide.  

Phosphorus pentasulfide is a compound that can be made into derivatives for lube additives. The new segment will be integrated into the specialty chemicals business of Woodlands, Texas-based Trecora.  

“This business complements our specialty chemical portfolio with its offering of unique and cost-effective solutions for constantly evolving lubricant requirements,” Trecora President and CEO Brad Crocker said in a press release.  

According to Trecora’s website, it manufactures a variety of hard, high melting point, low to medium viscosity polyethylene wax products along with a range of other waxes and lubricants.  

These products are used in a variety of applications including performance additives for hot melt adhesives; penetration and melting point modifiers for paraffin and microcrystalline waxes; lubrication and processing aides for plastics, PVC, rubber; and dry stir-in additives for inks. In oxidized forms, applications also include use in textile emulsions. 

The company also makes synthetic polyalphaolefin waxes for toner in printers and as additives for candles.  

In 2014 Trecora acquired SSI Chusei, which manufactures polyethylene wax and wax derivatives, for $73 million. That deal included the purchase of a polyethylene wax facility in Pasadena, Texas.  

Just over a year ago Trecora was acquired by private equity firm Balmoral Funds. 

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