Timken Buys Filtration Products Maker Des-Case


Timken Buys Filtration Products Maker Des-Case
© Kristoffer Tripplaar / Alamy Stock Photo

The Timken Co. acquired Des-Case Corp., a Nashville, Tennessee-based manufacturer of specialty filtration products for industrial lubricants, saying the deal will compliment Timken’s automatic lubrication systems.

Although the cost was not disclosed, Timken said it funded the transaction with a combination of cash on hand and its existing revolving credit facility.

“Des-Case is a technical leader in branded filtration solutions that sit adjacent to our automatic lubrication systems,” Christopher Coughlin, Timken executive vice president, president of industrial motion, said in a press release. “Des-Case is known for innovative products and services that improve equipment reliability, increase profitability and provide environmental benefits. By adding new products that complement our existing portfolio, this acquisition provides strong synergy opportunities, including cross-selling and international expansion.”

The synergy includes in distribution, as Des Case’s consumables with a highly repetitive buying circle are sold through many of the same distributors that carry Timken’s bearings and other products.

Des-Case’s products include breathers, filter elements, condition monitoring, lubrication storage and filter systems used throughout the entire lubricant lifecycle. The lubricant storage and handling equipment uses filtration and breather technologies to keep lubricants clean and dry before they enter industrial equipment. Des-Case Panel units filter mineral-based industrial fluids in small to medium-sized reservoirs with low flow rates, while T-Stand dedicated filtration systems and high pressure filter canisters integrate into equipment that needs dedicated, heavy-duty filtration.

Founded in 1983, Des-Case serves customers in a variety of industrial end markets and is expected to post around $40 million sales revenue for calendar year 2023, according to Timken’s announcement.

Des Case has about 120 employees and operates manufacturing facilities in Tennessee and the Netherlands.

Headquartered in North Canton, Ohio, Timken’s main products include engineered bearings and industrial motion products, which include automatic lubrication systems, which regularly dispense precise amounts of grease. The company develops and manufactures 27 formulations of grease for industrial, automotive and rail grease applications.