SBZ Begins Manufacturing in U.S.


British lubricant additives maker SBZ Corp. announced it has begun manufacturing its lubricant additive packages in the United States, part of a strategy to increase sales in that market.

SBZ secured toll blending facilities in Alabama, the company confirmed. Products manufactured at the plant include additives for passenger car motor oils, heavy duty motor oils, 4-stroke engine oils and agricultural lubricants. It also said it has local finished product storage in the U.S.

“The expansion plan follows increased demand from a growing customer base in North and South America. The new plant allows us to deliver more efficiently, cutting transportation and lead times to our customers, locally and state-wide,” SBZ Sales Director Reggie Disley told Lube Report.

Wickford, United Kingdom-based SBZ supplies additive packages for automotive engine oils, hydraulic fluids, manual transmission gear oils, tractor fluids, natural gas engine oils, automatic transmission fluids, marine engine oils and two-stroke engine oils.

The company also distributes a variety of lubricant base stocks and additive components – esters, polyalkylene glycol base stocks, antioxidants, extreme pressure and anti-wear additives, corrosion inhibitors, engine oil booster packages and pour-point depressants and viscosity modifiers.

The company also supplies process oils and waxes and slack waxes.

The expansion is the latest for the company’s global operations. In 2018 it opened a manufacturing plant in Wickford, with most products from the facility going to Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. SBZ said it stores products at terminals, bulk storage facilities and warehouses around the world. Its products come in drums, totes and ISO containers.

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