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STARFIRE: Building Trust Through Reliability


STARFIRE: Building Trust Through Reliability

Exceptional customer service and a comprehensive line of quality products has seen STARFIRE become the go-to brand for all your lubricants needs.

It’s this winning combination that has helped Ohio-based Coolants Plus achieve sustained growth in recent years and really stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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“At STARFIRE, we always put the customer first. We realize that our success depends on the success of our customers and for that we need to be able to provide great products at competitive prices,” says Tim Wullenweber, VP of marketing and technical services at Coolants Plus, Inc. “We’re able to stand out from the crowd because we believe we offer something different and provide excellent levels of service and industry-best lead times.”

Despite the prevailing difficulties facing the sector, the business continues to go from strength to strength – cementing its status as a one-stop shop for lubricants, antifreeze and chemicals.

“The way things are going right now in the industry, we’re seeing a lot of distributors really struggling from an availability standpoint and being unable to supply their customers,” adds Wullenweber. “While they’re facing allocations because of raw material shortages and the distribution issues, we’re fortunate we’re able to blend many of our products and are still seeing strong growth.”

STARFIRE has quickly established itself as a leading supplier of premium lubricants and now serves a broad range of markets and applications such as automotive, industrial, heavy duty, agriculture, and construction.

Automotive remains one of its largest segments and it offers a broad range of products including all grades and types of motor oil – from light duty to heavy duty, conventional to full synthetic – as well as antifreeze, gear oils, and other functional fluids.

The business has enjoyed particular success in the heavy-duty market in the past few years, working closely with large fleets across the U.S. and demonstrating the quality of the STARFIRE brand and just how effective its products are in even the most demanding environments.

More recently, there has also been a hugely positive response following the launch of the new high performance EX Industrial line, which meets the complex requirements of the thriving industrial sector but without the high costs.

Through planned expansion of tank space at its 300,000 square foot PennStar facility in Northampton, PA, and additional investment at its facility in Hamilton, Wullenweber is confident STARFIRE can build on this success, ensure security of supply and ready itself for future growth.

“We not only have the agility and flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions,” he says, “but we have the ability to get a whole array of great products to our customers very quickly and at a competitive price. We’re focused on supporting the needs of our customers.”

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