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STARFIRE Launches EX Industrial Range


STARFIRE Launches EX Industrial Range

A new line of high performance fluids and lubricants designed specifically for the industrial segment is on the horizon.

Fueled by increasing demand for industrial lubricants, the new EX range elevates STARFIRE’s portfolio by extending its offering in this important segment of the market.

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The new EX Industrial products will be available in the fourth quarter through the usual STARFIRE distribution channels.

“This was the next logical step for us to grow the STARFIRE brand,” says Tim Wullenweber, VP of marketing and technical services at Coolants Plus, Inc. “Our long term goal is to become a major brand in this industry and the EX industrial line will demonstrate our ability to formulate lubricants that directly compete with the higher end products already available in the market.”

STARFIRE’s new EX line consists of around 50 product SKUs split across five key areas:

  • HYEX – hydraulic oils
  • TALEX – gear oils
  • CIREX – compressor oils
  • EPEX – grease
  • SOLEX – specialty fluids

At a time when supply constraints are making certain lubricants difficult to source, customers can rest assured that STARFIRE continues to deliver. All its products are manufactured domestically.

The addition of these premium high-performance specialty formulations to its portfolio means it is now able to meet the very specific needs of large scale industrial applications to protect machinery, boost efficiencies, and help increase reliability.

Coolants Plus’ PennStar blending facility is the force behind the EX industrial line’s rise. Photo courtesy of Coolants Plus Inc.

“STARFIRE has always supplied a line of industrial lubricants and chemicals and with the acquisition of our PennStar blending facility, we now control the formulation process and blend the high end industrial products required for this market,” adds Wullenweber. “This now positions us to become a major player in this segment.”

“We have focused on creating the robust formulations that industrial customers are requiring while also providing a service level that’s typically not available from large corporations.”

The Ohio-based business has gained a solid reputation for supplying high quality lubricants at affordable prices and for its unparalleled customer support and service.

“Just five years ago, very few people even knew about STARFIRE and now people are searching us out,” he says.

“We were an underdog but now we’re seen as a viable force within the industry. We’re blending more robust products and expanding our portfolio in markets that make us a more complete supplier. The launch of the EX Industrial line is the next big step for us; it’s an important part of the evolution of STARFIRE.”

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