BR Distribuidora Changes Name


BR Distribuidora Changes Name
Vibra Energia produces Lubrax, the best-selling lube brand in Brazil. © Vibra Energia

BR Distribuidora S.A., the largest lubricants distributor in Brazil, is rebranding to become Vibra Energia, the company announced last week.

Vibra was formerly the fuels and lubricants distribution arm of Brazil’s state-owned Petrobras, but began its privatization process in 2019 and became 100% independent in June 2021.

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“In lubricants, it is the leader in market with the top-of-mind Lubrax line, which has more than 600 items for automotive, industrial, marine and railway applications,” the company said in an Aug. 19 press release. Vibra Energia also operates service stations, which include Lubrax+ automotive lube centers.

Lubrax is the best-selling lube brand in Brazil, the company’s website says. Vibra Energia has a production facility in Rio de Janeiro and plans to expand its production capacity to 500 million liters per year, from 300 million, next year. Vibra has recently made efforts to expand its presence in South America. In May, it entered an agreement with RefiPampa to blend Lubrax-branded lubes for sale in Argentina. It also contracts lube blending in Chile and Colombia. The company sells lubes in Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay and says it holds 20% of the Uruguay market and 15% of Paraguay’s.

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