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Effective Feb. 1, Dover Chemical Corp. announced a price increase of 11 cents per pound for off-list prices on all grades of para-nonylphenol and di-nonylphenol products, citing increasing costs for items such as raw materials, packaging and transportation. Applications for para-nonylphenol include nonionic surfactants, corrosion inhibitors and dispersants, while application areas for di-nonylphenol include lube oil additives, nonionic surfactants and dispersants.  Citgo will raise prices up to 12% on branded and unbranded finished lubricants effective Feb. 8, citing escalations in component and transportation costs.  The board of directors of Calumet GP LLC, the general partner of Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P., appointed Louis Todd Borgmann to serve as the company’s senior vice president and chief financial officer, effective Jan. 1.

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