Volume 6 Issue 4

U.S., Canada Want in on Mexican Lithium

Leaders of Mexico, the United States and Canada all have called for private businesses from the latter two companies to participate in the former’s nascent and recently nationalized lithium industry. Large deposits of lithium were discovered in Mexico's Sonora Desert, but technologies to extract lithium from clay soils prevalent there have not yet been commercialized.

Aramco Subsidiary Absorbs Motiva Trading

Saudi Aramco announced Jan. 18 that Houston-based Aramco Trading Americas LLC will be the sole supplier and “offtaker” of Motiva Enterprises – owner of the Port Arthur, Texas refinery and base oil plant – following the 100% acquisition of Motiva Trading by Aramco Trading Co. However, Motiva Enterprises will continue to market and sell Aramco-branded base oils in the Americas, the company confirmed to Lube Report.

U.S. Auto Sales Slip in 2022

Auto sales in the United States declined 8% to 13.7 million units in 2022, the lowest full-year sales total since 2011, according to data released by an automotive dealers association earlier this month. The decrease was attributed primarily to the ongoing semiconductor microchip shortage and additional supply chain disruptions.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

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Briefly Noted

Savannah, Georgia-based distributor Colonial Oil Industries Inc. acquired Strickland Oil, which distributes commercial fuel and lubricants in Savannah and the surrounding area.