Volume 4 Issue 21

Valvoline Aims to Grow Through Services

Valvoline Inc. announced last week that it plans to restructure its business model, shifting to a more service-driven strategy that it believes will allow for accelerated growth. The company will consolidate its current three-segment model into two segments – Retail Services and Global Products – at the beginning of its third fiscal quarter of 2021.

Lockhart Buys Chlorinated Paraffin Assets

Lockhart Chemical Co. announced last week that it acquired chlorinated paraffin manufacturing rights and related assets in a transaction with North Carolina-based Qualice LLC. Terms were not disclosed. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has in recent years signaled intent to clamp down on the use of some varieties of chlorinated paraffins out of health concerns, though those plans moderated in some ways during the administration of former President Donald Trump.

Locals Reach Deal for Curacao Refinery

Curacao’s Refineria di Korsou reached an agreement intended to lead to a consortium of local organizations taking over management of the Isla Refinery, potentially ending a years-long saga to find a new operator.

Taking Industry’s Sustainability Temperature

Lubricant, base stock and additive companies are doing a good job of communicating their sustainability efforts to employees, according to a new survey by Lubes'n'Greases.

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Briefly Noted

Ingevity Corp. announced a general price increase of 10%-20% effective July 1 for its merchant and derivatized tall oil rosin and tall oil fatty acid products associated with its industrial specialties portfolio. The Charleston, South Carolina-based company supplies lubricant and metalworking fluid markets with tall oil fatty acid and distilled tall oil, along with raw materials and performance additives.