Volume 2 Issue 19

SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

U.S. markets have sped up a little. European coastal markets are reasonably active, whereas deep-sea routes are slow. In contrast, Asian coastal markets are sluggish, but busy on long-haul.-by Adrian Brown

ExxonMobil to Add its First LAO Plant

Industry observers say a new linear alpha olefins unit that ExxonMobil expects to open in 2022 in Baytown, Texas, should reduce its reliance on competitors for LAO as a feedstock for making polyalphaolefins, though the company will likely remain an active buyer of LAO from merchant sellers.

ILMA Calls for Economy THF Spec

Amidst efforts to rid the market of 303 tractor hydraulic fluids, the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association has begun work to encourage development of a new specification for economy-grade tractor hydraulic fluids.

First Quarter Mixed for U.S. Companies

Valvoline reported a slight loss in operating income and lubricants sales volume, HollyFrontiers lubricants and specialty products segment posted a loss in income from operations, Milacrons fluid technologies segment saw a loss in operating earnings, Quaker Chemical reported an increase in net income and Heritage-Crystal Cleans oil business segment improved its revenues.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

Briefly Noted

Taylor, Michigan-based distributor Atlas Oil Co. completed the purchase of a 6.8-acre facility in Fort Lupton, Colorado, to invest in its oil field services division, which provides lubricants and fueling services. The facility features additional storage for lubricants, which is one of the companys new lines of business for regional customers.