Volume 1 Issue 8

SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

Business has been reasonably active across the majority of U.S. trade lanes this week. Several European routes enjoyed a busy week, but others were left dangling. Asia was quiet due to the holidays.-by Adrian Brown

Forecasts Clash on Americas Auto Lubes

The Freedonia Group and Kline and Co. agree about the biggest factors that will affect automotive lubricant markets in the Americas in coming years, but they disagree about the impact those factors will have. Freedonia forecasts that consumption will decrease from 6.35 million tons in 2016 to 6.3 million tons in 2021, while Kline predicts an increase from 6.7 million tons in 2017 to 6.9 million tons in 2021.

Pack Logix Buys Lube Packaging Plant

Pack Logix Inc. announced Monday that it acquired the Spectrum Lubricants Corp. packaging plant in Waukesha, Wisconsin, from Phillips 66. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Milacron Earnings Rise

Cincinnati-based Milacron Holding Corp.s Fluid Technologies segment posted operating earnings of $5.9 million for the fourth quarter, up 40.5 percent from $4.2 million in 2016s fourth quarter.

Oil Forecast to Stay Top Energy Source

Although oil is expected to remain the top energy source in the Americas out to 2040, there will be gains by natural gas and renewables, some of which will about double from small bases, according to the 2018 edition of ExxonMobils global energy outlook.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

Valvoline to Raise Finished Lube Prices

Valvoline notified customers of a price increase of up to 5 percent on branded lubricant products effective March 1. The company cited rising raw material costs associated with manufacturing and distribution. At least 13 other companies previously announced hikes taking effect between mid-February and early March.

Briefly Noted

Glynn Goertzen, president of Pilot Chemical Co.s subsidiary Liquid Minerals Group Ltd., was also appointed Pilots vice president of corporate development, which will identify new partnership and acquisition opportunities. The Georgia Department of Agricultures Fuel & Measures Division issued a stop sale order on tractor hydraulic fluids products labeled, claimed or implied as meeting the THF 303 specification. Georgia is the second state to issue a stop sale order on the discontinued specification, the first being Missouri. Illinois-based Univar Inc. will expand its relationship with Dow Chemical Co. to include exclusive North American distribution rights for UCON Fluids and Lubricants.