Volume 1 Issue 32

SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

It may be summer, but a tiny improvement in demand has been registered in the markets in the United States and Asia, and even the European domestic market this week.-by Adrian Brown

Suppliers Sued Over 303 Tractor Fluids

Two Missouri residents petitioned to file a class action lawsuit against Smittys Supply Inc. and Tractor Supply Co., claiming yellow buckets of Smittys Super S Supertrac 303 tractor hydraulic fluid purchased from both companies failed to meet advertised specifications and performance claims.

FTC Rejects Recycled Oil Rule Changes

The Federal Trade Commission rejected recycled oil rule changes suggested by rerefiner Avista Oil - to specify that base oil produced through rerefining is of equal or better quality than virgin base oil - and by the American Petroleum Institute, which sought more precise definitions for recycled oil and related manufacturing and marketing terms.

Q2 Earnings: HCC, Quaker Chemical, Milacron

Heritage-Crystal Cleans oil business segment and Milacrons Fluid Technologies segment each reported increases in revenue, and Quaker Chemical posted increases in net sales and net income.

Publishers Note: Lubricants Industry Factbook

Editors at Lube Reports sister publication, LubesnGreases magazine, have just capped off a decade of producing our yearly Lubricants Industry Factbook. The 10th edition of this valuable guide is packed with eye-opening information about lubricant industry trends, statistics and standards.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

Briefly Noted

Bob DeGennaro, editor and founder of industry newsletter OEM Lube News, died on July 27. The July 30 edition was that newsletters final issue, his son Ryan told its readers and sponsors. He said DeGennaro spent his career in the oil and gas industry working for companies such as Chevron, ExxonMobil and Gulf Oil before retiring to start a consulting business and the newsletter more than 14 years ago. West Palm Beach, Fla.-based Bertil Roos Racing School will use New Jersey-based MPT Industries synthetic racing oils in its fleet of Formula racing cars under an agreement announced last month.