Base Stock Plant Data


Base stock markets are facing historic disruption due to the pandemic. Faced with severe global shortages, steep price increases and new plant closures, lubricant blenders globally are struggling to meet their procurement needs.

Base Stock Plant Data enables you to gain a complete view of base stock plants. It offers you continually updated plant capacity data globally and regionally, capacity trends, insight into additions/closures of plants and more. Subscribe today and get the data you need to empower your decision-making.

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Why subscribe?

Continually updated data

Examine continually updated base stock plant data by product, nameplate capacity (past and present), producer, and location to help you make key business decisions.

Get the latest insight

Access the latest information on capacity changes, mergers and acquisitions, additions, closures, and more, all in one place.

Sort, filter & analyze

Ability to sort, filter, analyze and export the base stock plant data that you can use for research or company presentations.

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What's included in the subscription?

  • Continually updated base stock plant data by product, nameplate capacity, producer and location
  • Nameplate capacity trends for Groups I, II, III, and Naphthenic from 2005 to now.
  • Capacity trends data by region including Africa, Americas, Asia/Pacific, Europe and ME
  • Capacity and plant data for API Groups I-III, Naphthenics, and Chemically Refined base stocks
  • Option to download the data in Excel and create graphs in PNG, JPEG, PDF, and SVG
  • Access to information on capacity changes, mergers & acquisitions, additions, closures

Data to empower your decision making