Lubes'n'Greases Special Reports

Deep reporting on major market topics

A subscription to Lubes’n’Greases includes our Special Reports offering a wealth of deep reporting on the major market topics impacting the industry today and for many years to come. Topics include base stocks, sustainability, electric vehicles, additives and more.

Recent Special Reports

Special Report on Sustainability

April 2024

Learn about the role that lubrication can play in helping miners to decarbonize their operations as well as how recent hiccups in the wind power business may affect industrial lubricants. Plus, discover how increasing demand for data center coolants might open doors for lubricant manufacturers.

Special Report on Base Stocks

February 2024

Discover how extended producer responsibility in India might affect the rerefining segment in the country as well as how the automotive industry is impacting base oil demand in Brazil. Plus, learn about how a Dutch startup is using fermentation to produce fatty acids from food waste.

Special Report on Additives

October 2023

Find out from where Russia is sourcing its additives after the major additive suppliers withdrew from the country as well as which factors have affected global additive supply during the past few years. Plus, discover how a Shell employee with ties to Oppenheimer was critical to key developments in additives and finished lubricants.

Special Report on Electric Vehicles

July 2023 

Explore how the grease industry is adapting to the electrification wave, why lubricant manufacturers are entering the emerging market of thermal management fluids, and how the fast-paced world of Formula E motorsport lubricants may be opening up doors for passenger EV fluids.

Special Report on Sustainability

April 2023 

Discover how wind assistance may affect the future of marine lubricants as well as how the performance gap between environmentally acceptable lubricants and their conventional counterparts is becoming ever smaller.

Special Report on Base Stocks

February 2023

Find out which obstacles oleochemical suppliers are facing as they toss their hats into the base stocks ring, how base oil trading patterns have shifted in the past few decades, and what the future of base stock production looks like in Latin America.

More Special Reports can be found in issues of Lubes’n’Greases magazine