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Forging Lubricants

Oelheld has a new series of die lubricants on the market for air forging. AirForge OH 40009 is a synthetic lubricant for steel, titanium and nickel-based alloys, with some graphite to add lubricity. AirForge OH 40028 is a semi-synthetic product for warm forging aluminum up to 650 C. AirForge 4028 is a synthetic, graphite-free lube for forging steel alloys. Each product is also water-soluble and offers some environmental benefits, the company states. Web:

Milling Better Greases

Exakt Technologies Inc. has developed an electronically controlled three-roll grease mill called the 80E Plus. The latest version boasts a digital electronic control system that allows for real-time analysis of the dispersion process and immediate adjustment of the machines settings, the company reports. Some of its specific features include adjustable gap size from 5 to 180 microns, data transfer via USB and a choice of roller materials including chrome, tungsten carbide-plated steel and aluminum oxide, or silicon carbide ceramic. Web: www.

FDA Compliant Base Oil

Nynas recently added a new base oil to its portfolio. Nynas S 3B is what the company calls a highly refined naphthenic base oil that meets FDA B requirements for use in the food packaging industry. It is designed for application in situations where high flash point and narrow boiling point ranges are important for safety as well as performance. The flash point of over 100 C combined with good solvency makes it useful in metal removal applications like grinding, honing and lapping. It can also be blended with all other types of base oils in order to reduce the blends viscosity and improve its solvency. Web:

GF-6 Ready

Chevron Oronite recently affirmed its readiness for the May 2020 launch of the ILASC GF-6 passenger car motor oil specification with its introduction of OLOA 55600. The additive package has been thoroughly tested in real-world conditions, is compatible with hybrids and incorporates the companys latest PCMO technology, Oronite says. OLOA 55600 will provide coverage for GMs Dexos1, API SP and ILSAC GF-6 A & B performance standards. It protects against low speed pre-ignition, provides robust turbocharger protection and is compatible with gasoline particulate filters. Web:

ExMo Hydraulic and Marine Oils

ExxonMobil has added another cylinder oil for use with IMO 2020 compliant fuels to its range of marine lubricants. Mobilgard M420 is a 20 BN cylinder oil intended for use in medium-speed engines burning fuels with 0.5 percent or less sulfur content, as well as with liquefied natural gas. Meanwhile, in India, the company launched Mobil DTE 20 Ultra Series hydraulic oils for use in various hydraulic systems and other components, including clearance servo-valves and numerically controlled machine tools. The fluid can double drain intervals while providing increased wear protection, the company reports. Web:

Streamlined Oil Changes

Castrols recently released ePods oil dispensing system is a patented, gravity-fed setup that the company claims enables workshops to sell all the oil they buy, down to the very last drop. This new system consists of five-gallon packages that can hold four different viscosity grades. The translucent pitchers allow inventory managers to visually monitor oil levels. With one pitcher dedicated to each viscosity grade, cross contamination is not a worry, the company states. Web:

Keep It Quiet

Automotive engineers can deliver a peaceful ride by using Krytox oils and greases for noise, vibration and harshness, says maker Chemours. GPL 103, 104, 105, 203, 204, 205 and AUT 2045 products prevent unwanted noise from weather stripping and interior parts by reducing friction where different materials come into contact. The lubricants have low volatility, broad material compatibility, are non-staining and can keep squeaks at bay for the lifetime of the vehicle. Web:

EV Enhancement

In preparation for the coming wave of electric mobility, Shell has launched a range of fluids designed for battery electric vehicles. The company says it worked closely with automakers to develop the factory-fill E-Transmission Fluids, E-Thermal Fluids and E-Greases. The e-
fluids can help battery powered cars reduce their lifecycle emissions and extend their lifespan, thanks to the lubricants ultra-low viscosities and outstanding aging properties, Shell claims. Web:

Ergonomic Spray Lubrication

EOS Move is Eckardt Systems new spray nozzle system for manual lubrication. The system requires little space and is designed for stationary and mobile use. Compared to conventional systems, the EOS Move swaps roles, since it is the spray bar that moves, not the blank. This allows the process of blank insertion, blank lubrication and blank removal to be done using significantly less working space, and allows the machine operator to work more ergonomically, Eckardt says. Web: www.

Total Adds Low-Vis

French lube maker Total has added an SAE 0W-16 passenger car engine oil to its Quartz brand product line. Quartz 9000 Future XT 0W-16 is available in the U.S. market and is blended to protect smaller turbocharged engines. The synthetic oil delivers fuel efficiency throughout its service life, protects against low-speed pre-ignition and offers quick starts in cold temperatures, the company boasts. Web:

A Mixed Fleet Solution

Petro-Canada Lubricants new Duron GEO LD product line, with both SAE 15W-40 and SAE 10W-30 viscosity grades, is API CK-4 licensed and approved for the latest Cummins mobile natural gas engine oil specification CES 20092 and back-serviceable to Cummins CES 20085. The engine oil is robust and formulated to safely extend oil drain intervals while providing all-weather performance and advanced engine protection, the company says. The products are approved by major diesel engine OEMs such as Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Mack and Volvo, and offer a complete solution for mixed fleets that include mobile natural gas engines, according to Petro-Canada. Web: www.lubricants.

Spray Away Rust

Cortec has developed its EcoAir Tool & Die Rust Preventative for mold, tool and die manufacturers and end users. The product is designed for all tool and die applications, as well as cleaning grease, oils, adhesives and water deposits from metal surfaces and protecting them from corrosion. The liquid rust preventative comes in a non-flammable spray can that the company says makes it easier to use than traditional greases and shipping oils employed to protect tooling assets and tool steels during shipping, storage and transport. Web:

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