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Food-safe Grease

Texas Refinery Corp. has developed an extreme pressure version of its food processing machinery grease. Food Machinery Grease EP boasts a 50-pound Timken OK Load test result, 0.50 millimeter 4-ball wear test scar, 800 kilogram 4-ball weld, and has a maximum recommended operating temperature of 400 F with a dropping point of 500 F, the company reports. The aluminum complex grease had just 2 percent water washout in testing. The product is NSF H1 registered and has Kosher and Halal certification. Web:

Biobased Stocks

Biosynthetic Tech­nologies is producing base oils and motor oil at commercial scale. BT75 and BT22 are high-viscosity (ISO VG 680 and 150, respectively), biobased base stocks that offer both technical performance and environmental benefits, the company says. Potential applications include gear, bearing and chain oils, hydraulic fluids, compressor oils and greases. BTLV is an ISO VG 22 renewable base oil suitable for formulating metalworking fluids, motor oil, hydraulic fluid and compressor oil. The company is also blending SAE 5W-20 and SAE 5W-30 Biosynthetic brand passenger car motor oil, which meets ILSAC GF-5, API SN-Resource Conserving and USDA BioPreferred requirements. Web:

Gust-resistant Oil

Shells Omala S5 Wind synthetic gearbox oil for wind turbines in the United States market can help extend operational uptime and reduce unplanned breakdown by offering enhanced protection, according to the company. Shells specialty range of wind turbine oils is formulated for enclosed industrial spur and bevel gears subjected to stresses such as extra shock loading, high temperatures or particulate contamination. The application-specific oil, which comes with a 10-year warranty, is designed for long life under extreme conditions in varied U.S. climates. Web: www.

Metallurgical Mixing

Lodige Inudstries Ploughshare Mixer FKM 600 is made for metallurgical applications and ideally suited to the manufacture of sintered material and ore mixtures, the maker says. The model has a drum volume of 600 liters and is specially designed for heavy and coarse materials. It is made with wear-resistant components and has a removable inner rubber lining that provides wear protection for the cylindrical drum and head pieces. Ploughshare mixing tools are equipped with a metal welding made of tungsten carbide, giving it a Vickers hardness of more than 3,000, increasing its service life, the company says. Web:

Effective Screening

Bruker announced the release of a high-frequency reciprocating rig module for the UMT TriboLab mechanical tester. The HFRR module performs a wide range of materials qualification tests and enables effective screening of lubricants at the benchtop scale. The module provides an economical way to test samples formulated for reciprocating systems such as engines and linear compressors and to rank the performance of lubricants under simulated conditions. The tests simulate ASTM and other standard protocols. Web:

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