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Sprint Away from Wear

Racing professionals and enthusiasts can count on added protection for their engines with new motor oils, says Champion Brands. The company released a fully-synthetic SAE 0W-40 oil for muscle cars and two SAE 10W-40 and 20W-50 mineral oils to protect engines against hard break-in damage. The muscle car engine oil reduces wear and oil breakdown, improves piston ring seal for better compression, increases horsepower and torque and maintains component protection in extremely high temperatures, the company assures. The product is licensed as meeting API SN standards and recommended for Dodges Viper 8.4L, Challenger 6.4L and Charger 6.4L engines among other crate motors from manufacturers such as Jeep and Nissan. The break-in motor oils are formulated with polymer thickeners to allow for easier cold start-up, reduced friction and protection of components during break-in and heating cycles. They also have dispersants and additives to keep the engine clean and minimize wear particles generated by the piston rings, cylinder walls and other moving parts during operation. Web:

Gazprom Ocean
Sets Sail

Russian oil marketer Gazpromneft-Lubricants is now producing marine lubricants under the Gazpromneft Ocean brand. The new range of marine products will include 15 diesel engine oils, cylinder and crankcase lubricants for vessels equipped with medium- and high-speed trunk piston, slow speed or two-stroke crosshead engines using fuels with low- or high-sulfur content (between 0.5 to 4.5 percent), the company says. The oils protect components against wear, deposits and corrosion in high-load and high-temperature operating conditions, as well as providing water separation properties and defending against foaming. The launch of the marine lubes brand aims to develop Gazpromneft-Lubricants global operations, and the company plans to expand its storage capacity in 2018 to supply more foreign ports, added CEO Alexander Trukhan. Web: www.marine.gazprom-neft.

Improved HDEOs

Phillips 66 is meeting heavy-duty diesel engines evolving low-viscosity demands with its latest Phillips 66 and Kendall brand API CK-4 and FA-4 formulations. The company released four SAE 5W-30 HDEOs that have high shear stability, offer soot control to protect against abrasive wear and oil thickening, resist viscosity and thermal breakdown at high temperatures in addition to foaming and aeration, and defend engine components against sludge and varnish formation, rust and bearing corrosion, Phillips 66 boasts. They are formulated for compatibility with exhaust aftertreatment systems using diesel particulate filters, diesel oxidation catalysts or selective catalytic reduction, perform in harsh low-temperature environments, and extend oil drain intervals, the oil marketer adds. The oils meet a number of European and North American original equipment manufacturer specifications in addition to ACEA E6 standards. Web: www.

Replenish Hydraulic Oils

Extend the performance of hydraulic fluids with a new additives booster from Fluitec International. Boost AW restores antiwear and antioxidant additives in hydraulic oils to resist high-temperature loads that can cause oxidation and lead to varnish formation and equipment failure, the company notes. The product has a treat rate between 1.5 and 3 percent by volume and can be pumped into the oil reservoir during operation without special equipment. Fluitec boasts that the additives booster can reduce hydraulic fluid changes and equipment downtime, and lead to cost savings in fluid purchases. Boost AW can be used for hydraulic fluids in manufacturing, injection molding, marine and mining applications. Web:

Stop Corrosion Cold

Shell Marine has launched a two-stroke cylinder oil to protect modern marine engines. Shell Alexia 140 is a high base number formulation that can be used on its own or as part of an onboard lubricant blending or mixing system that addresses cold corrosion issues and optimizes oil feed rates when switching among different fuel types, such as liquefied natural gas and high sulfur fuel oil, the company says. The product can be used in engines of all ages and under full load or slow steaming conditions. Shell Alexia 140 is available at the ports of Rotterdam, Netherlands; Bremerhaven and Hamburg in Germany; Antwerp, Belgium; Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia; Busan, South Korea, and Salalah, Oman. Web:

Surge Racing Performance

Motul recently rolled out a new four-stroke motorcycle oil for on- and off-road racing. The SAE 10W-50 oil optimizes friction control, raises clutch grip, increases torque thanks to low oil film traction at low revolutions, and has high shear stability in gearboxes when used in off-road activities, the company reports. In track racing, the oils enhance oxidative stability, improve engine cleanliness and lower friction at high speeds to boost power output from the bike, Motul adds. The oils claim to meet or exceed existing JASO MA2 and API SN standards. Web:

Upgraded Mobil Delvac

Commercial and off-highway applications can improve equipment protection with three new Mobil Delvac 1 synthetic heavy-duty diesel engine oils from ExxonMobil. Mobil Delvac 1 ESP SAE 5W-30 and 5W-40 API CK-4 and SAE 5W-30 FA-4 oils reduce oxidation, decrease deposits, minimize wear, have high shear stability at high temperatures and prevent sludge formation in low-temperature, stop-and-go conditions, the company notes. They also diminish oil thickening and degradation to extend oil drain intervals, raise fuel economy and, in the case of the FA-4 formulation, protect engines equipped with exhaust aftertreatment systems. The products can be used in a number of vehicles such as haul trucks, buses, construction equipment, mixed fleets and diesel engines with turbocharger, direct-injection and low-emission designs. Web:

Savant Expands Testing

Savant Labs recently added a seal compatibility test for method CEC L-112-16, a required test for the 2016 European Automobile Manufacturers Association ACEA engine oil sequences, designed to determine elastomer compatibility with the gasket and sealing material in modern engines. The test involves cutting and soaking a sample of seal material in oil for a specific number of hours at a particular temperature. When the soak phase is finished, the seals are measured for tensile strength, elongation, hardness and volume swell, then compared to the limits of the specification, Savant explained. The data is then processed and reviewed before the laboratory generates a report according to the test methods guidelines. The elastomer compatibility test is available for ACEA categories A/B for gasoline and light-duty diesel engine oils, C for low- and mid-sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur containing oils, and E for heavy-duty diesel engine oils. Web: www.savantlab.

Control Foam

Carpenter Co. announced that several of its ethylene oxide/propylene oxide block copolymers are now Halal compliant for food processing applications. Carpol Nionics L-61, L-64, L-81, L-101 and P2000 are surfactants and polyglycols with defoaming, wetting and emulsifying properties. They have increased solubility and solvency, high flash points, are chemically stable and resist water hardness in equipment following strict Islamic cleanliness guidelines, the company says. The products were certified by the American Halal Foundation. Achieving Halal compliance for our Nionic product line is another important step in positioning these materials for indirect food contact applications such as foam control for food processing and fermentation, Brent Lesher, market manager, chemicals, explained. Web: www.

Thick and Thin from Houghton

Houghton International launched something thick and something thin: The latter is a metal removal fluid for machining and grinding operations, while the former is a new grease for industrial applications. The companys Hocut 8640 is a soluble metalworking fluid with improved dispersion properties for chip removal, emulsion stability and low-foaming characteristic to raise heat transfer performance. It can be used on metals such as high- and low-carbon steel, stainless and alloyed steels, cast nodular, gray iron and carbon particle composites. Houghton added that Aquashield-branded lithium grease clings to metal and O-ring surfaces to seal out water and protect against rust in demanding environments. The grease shows shear stability and retains consistency, the company said, and can be used in applications including bearings, gears, water pumps, water filters, motors and valves that must operate in hot or cold water, steam, pool chemicals or salt water. Web:

Dump Drums, Not Dust

Avoid the mess from transferring free-flowing bulk solid materials with a new drum dumper from Flexicon. The equipment features an elongated discharge cone that fits with the gasketed inlet of low-height receiving vessels. When the drum is raised on the platform, a seal is created between the rim of the drum and the underside of the discharge cone, the company explains. The secured drum is then tipped at a 45 degree angle, and a pneumatic slide gate at the spout can be opened variably for partial or total discharge at controlled rates, then closed before returning the drum to its original position-with no dust emitted throughout the cycle, Flexicon adds. The drum dumper is offered in stationary and mobile configurations and can handle 30- to 55-gallon drums, with a diameter adapter to allow for dumping of smaller-diameter drums. Web:

Aviation Grease Life Prolonged

ExxonMobil Aviation announced that its Mobilgrease 28 and Mobilgrease 33 now have an extended shelf life of 10 years, a four-year increase in the period that the greases can maintain their properties and performance. Clay-based Mobilgrease 28 protects components under heavy loads and resists deterioration when exposed to wide-ranging temperatures. It lubricates plain and rolling bearings at low to high speeds and decreases friction, rust, corrosion and wear in splines, screws, worm gears and other mechanisms, according to the company. Mobilgrease 33 is a lithium complex grease that protects outboard and inboard flaps, landing gear bushings and rudders against hydrolysis and has structural stability to perform in extremely low temperatures and wet environments, the manufacturer adds. Both products meet a range of military and commercial aviation specifications. Web:

Ease Drain-plug Removal

Lumax released a swivel wrench set to remove oil drain plugs when making engine oil changes. The product features eight socket sizes in one tool, with a chrome molybdenum steel swivel head that can fit many angles when removing the oil drain plug, the company says. It also features a heavy-duty yoke support that resists against high torque and has a built-in magnet to hold drain plugs or nuts. The wrench comes in eight metric sizes (8 millimeter, 10 mm, 12 mm, 13 mm, 14 mm, 17 mm, 19 mm and 21 mm) and eight SAE sizes (3/8 inches, 7/16 in, half an inch, 9/16 in., 5/8 in., 11/16 in., three-quarter inch and 13/16 in). It fits most oil drains, transfer cases and differential plugs. Web:

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