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Stabilize Aircraft Parts

Milacron launched a metalworking fluid for ferrous and non-ferrous metals used in the aerospace industry. Cimperial 35-880 is a boron- and formaldehyde-free emulsifier that provides stability, fluid pH buffering and corrosion protection to aircraft components made from aluminum, titanium, steel, stainless steel, and nickel- and cobalt-based alloys, the company says. Like other products in the Cimperial line, extreme pressure additives make the fluid suitable for heavy-duty machining and grinding operations. The product also has low foaming tendency, high lubricity and enhanced rancidity control, the company states. Web:

Haul Away

Fleet operators can haul for more miles with Mack Trucks new genuine motor oil. Mack Engine Oil EOS-4.5 protects parts from oxidation, gives aeration control and provides fuel economy under high loads and temperatures, the company says. Mack claims that its engine oil extends drain intervals for long, regional and heavy haul applications to 60,000, 50,000 and 40,000 miles, respectively, reducing consumption and maintenance costs. The genuine motor oil, available in SAE 10W-30 and 15W-40 viscosities, is being used as factory fill for Macks 2017 engines, meets APIs CK-4 standard and is backwards compatible with applications that use CJ-4. Web: www.

Remote Container Tracking

ATEK Access Tech­nologies released a version of its tank monitoring system with GPS capabilities. The TankScan Ultrasonic Cellular Monitor provides location information and remote monitoring of deployed lubricant, chemical, fuel and diesel storage tanks, totes and containers. The battery-powered device is placed on top of the tank or container to facilitate level measurements, allowing businesses to view tank locations to plan efficient deliveries and pick-ups as well as service intervals. The monitoring system can be accessed via computer, tablet and smartphones with an internet connection. Web:

Cool Down Compressors

ExxonMobils Mobil SHC Gargoyle 80 POE is a synthetic industrial refrigeration oil for compressors that use carbon dioxide as refrigerant gas. The company says the product is formulated with polyol esters to enhance wear protection and chemical and thermal stability, and its high viscosity index offers low-temperature fluidity and improved evaporator efficiency. The high film thickness of the lube heightens compressor protection and shaft sealing compared to mineral oil, potentially extending compressor life, reducing unscheduled downtime and lowering maintenance costs, ExxonMobil boasts. The product can be used in applications such as food preparation, freezing operations, cold storage and marine compressor refrigeration. Web: www.

Better Lubricant Blends

Emery Oleochemicals is offering an alternative to sebacic acid used in lubricants and greases. Emerox is a biobased azealic acid that can be blended directly into formulations or used as a complexing agent in grease to provide oxidation and extreme temperature resistance, the company says. The product has a lower melting point, lower pour point to enhance cold-temperature flow and reduced molecular weight to produce more esters per pound of acid. In addition, it improves water resistance, oil separation and mechanical stability of the lubricant. The product can be used in applications such as ester-based synthetic lubricants, lithium complex greases and in corrosion inhibitors for water-based metalworking fluids and engine coolants. Web:

Portable Temperature Stats

Anton Paar released a portable thermometer for use in chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications. The MKT 10 is a lightweight, handheld thermometer that provides accurate temperature measurements in millikelvin through a sensor with an accuracy of 10 mK, the company says. The device has three modes to measure temperature and resistance statistics. Its measurement accuracy of 0.01 degrees Celsius allows it to make at-line and on-site measurements in an instrument or liquid bath, the company adds. The thermometer runs on batteries or power over an Ethernet connection. Web:

Verdezyne Launches Corrosion Inhibitor

Rust hits a wall with Verdezynes FerroShield HC corrosion inhibitor. The product is a biobased, nitrate-free dibasic acid mixture for production of water-soluble metalworking fluids, metal cleaners, die cast release agents and aqueous hydraulic fluids. The powder shows corrosion resistance and hard water stability when diluted into a metalworking fluid, the company says. To prevent precipitation, the manufacturer recommends diluting the mixture with deionized water. The product is available globally and can be incorporated into companies existing metalworking fluid formulations. Web:

BioBlend Releases Marine Grease

BioBlend has its first grease for marine vessel applications. BioGrease M3 is an environmentally acceptable lubricant made from vegetable oils and thickened with high-shear stable lithium soap that protects equipment against wear and rust whether its in service or in storage, the company claims. The grease has a blend of polymers that enable it to function at high temperatures and improve water resistance, pumpability and adhesion in service. Operators can use the product in marine components moving at less than 900 revolutions per minute that require full boundary lubrication, such as trunnions, open gears, hopper dredges, dredging spud rails and others. Web:

Chevron Marine Oil Analysis Reaches China

Chevron Marine Lubricants is making its used oil analysis service available to the Chinese market with a new laboratory in Shanghai. The Fluid Analysis Service and Trending oil analysis service measures iron and copper content, base number, pentane insoluble material, viscosity at 40 degrees Celsius and acid number in samples of marine oils, the company says. Diagnostics include comments from Chevrons oil analysts, the company boasts. Chia Yoo Soon, general manager of Chevron Marine, noted that the facility in China will reduce the time for samples to be tested, providing faster results and improved onboard monitoring of marine oils. Web: www.chevronmarine

Overpower Friction Wear

Kluber keeps automotive actuator failure at bay with Klubersynth specialty greases. BR 46-82 protects brakes, ball screws and other power transmission elements from wear at temperatures ranging from -40 to 180 degrees Celsius, the company says. BR 46-32 provides long-term lubrication of components under rolling contact such as ball screws, rolling bearings and small gears. Its low viscosity allows the grease to perform at -45 C and minimizes friction due to torque, the manufacturer adds. BR 46-32 F is another low-viscosity grease that helps keep planetary rolling contact gears or ball screws in clutch and brake actuators running at low temperatures, while also providing oxidation stability at high temperatures, the company boasts. All of the greases are made with base oil that is compatible with standard brake fluids and EPDM materials. Web:

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