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Extreme Performance

Scorching heat, bitter cold and hazardous conditions are no match for Nasyns new range of perfluoropolyether base oils, the company boasts. Lubaso PFPE are colorless, nonreactive and nonflammable fluorinated synthetic oils that protect and extend the service life of components in automotive, electronic, textile, medical equipment, aerospace and food processing applications, according to the manufacturer. The nontoxic base oils remain stable in operating temperatures ranging between -75 to 370 degrees Celsius in highly corrosive or oxidative conditions, possess electrical resistance and radiation hardness, and their low volatility makes them compatible with metals, the company adds. Web:

New Instruments for China

Spectro Scientific recently made four of their measurement products available to the Chinese market. The MiniLab 153 oil analysis system detects contaminants and metals, combining multiple tests to monitor lubricant chemistry and machinery wear in power generation and industrial equipment. The FieldLab Q5800 is a fluid analysis system designed for military operations and original equipment manufacturers that detects wear metals and particles and provides viscosity, lubricant condition and contamination tests in the field. The MicroLab oil analyzer measures oil chemistry, kinematic viscosity and concentration of wear in engine, generator, gear box, power steering and transmission fluids for trucking, mining and oil drilling applications. The company also launched the FerroCheck 2000 portable magnetometer in the country, which was included in the Nov. 2016 issue of LubesnGreases. Web:

ExxonMobil Soars High

ExxonMobil Aviation recently received approval for its Mobil Jet Oil 387 to be used in all integrated drive generator models of United Tech­nologies Corp. Aerospace Systems. The oil company says its synthetic turbine engine oil protects components and offers oxidative stability in high-temperature conditions common in IDGs, which are mounted on accessory gearboxes of planes and provide constant electricity to an aircraft. The product went through a two-year evaluation period in various engine types, and meets industry specifications for commercial and Unites States military aircraft applications, the company adds. Web: www.

Minimize Bearing Wear

SKF launched a grease to reduce brinelling damage – permanent indentations on hard surfaces – for hub bearings in contact with raceways during vehicle motion. The product helps limit fretting corrosion and damage caused by vibration, the company says, limiting friction and wear while extending the bearings service life and performance. Roberto Galante, manager of advanced development wheel end at SKF, added that the grease will help ensure that the microdamages caused by ball raceway contact in hub bearing units during vehicle transportation will not exceed the strict thresholds specified by automotive companies. The grease is fully compatible with bearing components, including new designs and retrofits. Web: z

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