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This position will require you to research and formulate new products for the metalworking industry, with a heavy focus on water-based metalworking ?uid chemistry.

You will be responsible for conducting research, developing new products, improving existing products and conducting ?eld evaluations on new products.

Coordinate research and development activities with marketing, manufacturing, laboratory, and health and safety departments.

You will be required to perform lab validations, testing procedures for new products along with conducting evaluations based on customer procedures.

Must be able to work within well established time frames and schedules and you may be required to visit customer locations as required to observe, monitor and troubleshoot.

Recommend new raw materials, equipment and manufacturing procedures.

Provide technical and supervisory support within the laboratory and other departments as required.

Guide QC and production in dealing with unusual problems related to nonconforming production batches and borderline incoming raw materials.

Hard working, able to meet deadlines while working on multiple projects.

Experience training others to formulate.

You will be expected to work with minimal supervision to complete assignments.


MUST have a minimum of 3 years experience with formulation of water-based metalworking ?uids and lubricants, but additional experience would be a major plus. Company requires experience with water-based ?uids, speci?cally soluble oils, semi-synthetics, and full synthetics.

Company prefers an advanced degree in Chemistry and an emphasis on organic chemistry is a plus.

A BS or BA degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering is acceptable combined with the minimum of 3 years formulating experience.




3 Years

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