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Food-Grade Spray Lubes

Petro-Canada says its Purity FG spray lubricants enable food processors to lubricate hard-to-reach areas in their facilities. The lubes, which are listed in NSFs Nonfood Compounds White Book, will spray whether the container is held upside-down or right-side up. The line includes three products: Purity FG Penetrating Oil, Purity FG Silicone Spray and Purity FG2 with Microl Max spray grease. Purity FG lubricants are said to provide long-lasting protection, excellent wear performance, and, for the grease, high resistance to water washout. Web:

Label Printer Aids GHS Compliance

Epson Americas ColorWorks C831 Wide Label Printer can help lubricant and chemical manufacturers and transporters comply with Globally Harmonized System (GHS) labeling standards. GHS requires that many label elements be printed in vibrant colors to focus attention on potential hazards. The company says that the ColorWorks C831 eliminates the need for color pre-prints and allows packagers and shippers to produce GHS-compliant labels at a fraction of the cost of four-color thermal transfer or color laser labels. The system produces labels up to 8.5-inches wide, at speeds up to 16.5 pages per minute, using inks that are said to resist chemicals, water, fading and smudges. Web:

Synthetic ATF Meets Allison Spec

Shell Lubricants has introduced Spirax S6 ATF A295, a synthetic automatic transmission fluid that meets Allisons TES-295 specification for extended warranty and extended drain intervals. The company says the fluid will last up to 300,000 miles under normal conditions, or 150,000 miles in severe service, without risk to the transmission components or warranty. Other benefits cited for Spirax S6 ATF A295 include wear, pitting and corrosion protection; resistance to viscosity and thermal breakdown; and excellent low-temperature capability. The fluid is available in drums, pails and gallon jugs and can be used in trucks, buses, motor homes, vocational vehicles, off-road haulers and emergency vehicles. Web:

Gear Oils Get Siemens OK

Lubrizol Corp. has launched a series of fully formulated industrial lubricants that meet the Siemens MD specification (formerly known as the Flender specification). FM2205A, FM2206A and FM2207A industrial gear oils are said to ensure trouble-free performance in heavy-duty gearbox applications in industries such as mining, metal fabrication and general manufacturing. The Siemens MD specification for helical, bevel and planetary gears requires high micro-pitting protection and dynamic foam resistance, as well as compatibility with materials used for gearbox internals like paint, elastomeric seals and liquid sealants. Its available as a finished fluid or additive package, which is said to deliver the required performance in a range of base stocks. Web:

Coolants for Machining Hard Metals

Cimcools new Cimtech synthetic fluids are for machining and grinding hard metals. The company says the fluids increase productivity without the use of chlorine or high levels of other extreme-pressure additives. The offering includes four products. Cimtech 627 is a synthetic water-based fluid for heavy-duty machining and grinding exotic alloys, while Cimtech 609-E for hard metal valve grinding, where it reduces chatter, decreases wheel loading, and provides an excellent finish, Cimcool says. Cimtech 610 is a blend of synthetic lubricants

for use on titanium, other hard metals and aluminum alloys at high speeds and feeds, and Cimtech 612NF, which contains no chlorine, sulfur or phosphorus, is for machining high-silicon aluminum alloys. Web:

Elevators Get a Lift From Veggies

ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas, in partnership with BioBlend Renewable Resources, has developed Enviromax vegetable based fluid for use in hydraulic elevators. The product is formulated from canola oil and is USDA BioPreferred, with 92 percent biobased content. The company says that the high oleic base oils reduce oxidation potential and provide consistent performance across a broad temperature range. This eliminates the need to adjust elevator leveling valves during extreme weather, and can also eliminate the need for temperature control devices to prevent oil thickening. Web: www.enviromax

Synthetic Targets European Cars

Amsoils full-SAPS 5W-40 synthetic motor oil completes the companys European Car Formula line-up, joining its products that contain mid- and low-level doses of sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur. The company says the engine oil provides outstanding all-season performance, maximum fuel economy, and enhanced turbocharger protection. The full-SAPS formulation meets the following performance specifications: ACEA A3/B3 and A3/B4, API SN/SM, BMW LL-01, Mercedes-Benz 229.3/229.5, Porsche A40, Renault 0710/0700 and VW 502.00/505.00. Web:

Low V.O.C. Option

Master Chemical says its new low-V.O.C. nonchlorinated cutting and lubricating oil, Trim OM 313, meets southern Californias new AQMD Rule 1144 while delivering excellent performance in difficult applications and on materials such as stainless and bearing steels. OM 313 is great for companies that do business in Southern California, or for national companies that want to use the same product at all their plants, commented the companys Conalisa Murphy. The light-colored, clean running straight oil is said to be excellent in difficult processes like form-tapping, thread-rolling, and Swiss screw machines with solid bushings, or where both ferrous and aluminum or copper alloys are being machined aggressively. Web:

Truckers Choice: Natural Gas Engine Oils

Phillips 66 Lubricants has rebranded its natural gas engine oils for heavy-duty vehicles as Guardol NG and Kendall Super-D NG. These are for use in heavy-duty trucks powered by compressed natural gas or liquefied natural gas – a fueling option that is generating strong interest from fleet operators. The company says the oils provide enhanced wear protection and temperature control. Other benefits include balanced ash content to prevent valve stem deposits and reduce valve seat recession; exhaust after treatment protection; shear stability; and protection against scuffing, wear, rust, sludge, varnish and corrosion. The products replace 76 Triton VGEO Plus, which is being discontinued. Web: www.phillips66lubricants .com

Rack em Up!

Onkens new lube oil tank system can be configured in a variety of ways to meet user needs. It can be set up as three 150-gallon tanks on a rack, to accommodate three oil products or grades. It can consist of one 300-gallon tank and one 150-gallon tank to hold larger volumes of two oil grades in the same space. Or it can be configured with two 300-gallon storage tanks or two 150-gallon tanks. A pump and reel can be added for top-dispensing, or the tanks can work in a gravity-fed mode. Front-mounted sight tubes indicate volume levels, and other features include 12-gauge steel construction; hose and reel mounting plates; tabs for securing to a wall or bolting tanks together; powder coating, and UL approval. Web:

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