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Pep Boys Pick Ecobox

Automotive service giant Pep Boys will dispense Pennzoil motor oils from Shell Lubricants Ecobox systems in its 590 stores, representing over 6,000 service bays. An Ecobox is a mini-bulk bag-in-box container, typically holding 24 quarts each. The recyclable containers result in 89 percent less plastic waste. Oil can be tapped easily from the box and transferred to crankcases using a pitcher, or dispensed directly via a pump. Six Ecoboxes in their rack can replace 144 quart bottles, and are expected to cut the cost per quart of oil and reduce customer waiting time. Web: or

Tough and Fire Resistant

Houghton International now offers biodegradable, FM-approved fire-resistant hydraulic fluids for the glass manufacturing industry. Available in both water and vegetable (natural ester) based versions, they have a low environmental impact, come in a variety of viscosities, and can be used in extreme-heat applications where ignition could cause a catastrophic fire – as in float glass plants, where furnaces approach 3,000 degrees F. This heat and pressure, combined with flammable hydraulic oil, is a recipe for disaster, cautions Houghtons Tony Noblit. A ruptured hydraulic line can spray a combustible mist of oil into the ignition source. Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids are critical to prevent loss of life and corporate tragedy. Web:

On a Roll?

CRCs Roll-Up Door Lubricant is designed to eliminate squeaks from rollers and hinges of roll-up and overhead door assemblies. Its viscosity allows it to penetrate metal component surfaces to displace moisture and guard against friction, wear, corrosion and rust. The thin-layer lubrication lasts indoors up to nine months, and CRC recommends it for use on bearings, cables, chains, hinges, pins and tracks. Appropriate for dock doors or beverage-truck side panel doors, its NSF H2 registered for use in meat or poultry plants where food contact is not possible. Web: www.

Care for Biogas Engines

Brad Penn Lubricants has added Biogas Engine Oils, for stationary gas engines fueled by the anaerobic digestion products of compost, landfill residue or manure. The SAE 40 formula offers high ash content (1.82 percent mass) and a high total base number of 15, to handle the corrosive agents and contaminants found in some biogases, such as organic halides or hydrogen sulfides. A medium-ash SAE 40 formula is available, too, with 0.99 percent mass sulfated ash and 8.9 TBN for use with less-harsh gas, or where high ash content is undesirable. Both formulas offer enhanced alkalinity reserves to neutralize engine-damaging acids. Web:

Maintain the Flow

Are you trying to formulate vegetable oil lubricants, but stymied by the high pour point? Functional Products says its new biobased PD-555 cold flow improver additive helps make vegetable-based oils easier to pour. At 100 degrees C, it has a viscosity of 80 cSt and pours readily, while others (such as a 1500 cSt polyalkylmethacrylate) can require preheating. When poured at 40 C, PD-555 leaves only 0.65 percent residue in the drum compared to the 4.9 percent left behind by higher-vis products, the company says. And even after 72 hours at -24 C, treat rates of 0.8 percent permit soybean and canola oil to flow. Web: www.

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