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Lubricates and Locks

Loctite 2047 lubricating threadlocker from Henkel reduces friction during assembly of large fasteners and slowly cures to secure them. Designed for fasteners with a diameter greater than 7/8-inch, the anaerobic threadlocker lubricates to ensure appropriate clamp load then cures slowly, reaching fixture strength around 90 minutes and full cure around 24 hours to prevent loosening and corrosion. This decelerated process allows for multiple fastener assembly, ease of disassembly, maintenance of clamp load, and prevention of premature threadlocking in heat caused by using pneumatic impact tools that create torque greater than 500 ft.-lb. The highlubricity, medium-viscosity fluid comes in 50 ml bottles. Web: www.

Mobil Propels the Grascals

Mobils newest promotion for its commercial products has hit the road, after teaming up with Grammy-nominated bluegrass band the Grascals. For 12 months, the bands tour bus will operate with Mobil Delvac 1300 Super 5W-40 heavyduty diesel engine oil, in a demonstration of protection and extended engine life. Periodic oil analysis will be conducted on samples from the Mobil Delvac-decorated bus, as it carries the band to industry events, retail locations and over 100 scheduled shows across the country. Since their debut in 2004, the band has been seen at Radio City Music Hall, the Grand Ole Opry, and on various television shows. Web:

Food-safe Gear Oils

Kluber Lubrication unveiled two new gear oils for the food and pharmaceutical industries. They are Kluberoil NH1 G1 US Series, based on a white mineral oil, and Kluberoil NH1 G 4, its synthetic form. Both are NSF H1 registered and ISO 21469 certified. Use them in bakeries, equipment for canning, bottling and dairy operations, processing vegetables, meat and poultry, and pharmaceutical production. In addition to offering wear protection for rolling bearings and gear teeth, says the company, they maximize component use due to broad temperature range service; this can allow use of a single viscosity grade, regardless of operating temperature.

Veggie-based Magic

Looking for a bio-based, all-purpose lubricant that outperforms its petroleum-based counterparts without the unpleasant smell? Plews/Edelman now offers LubriMagic, a vegetable-based biodegradable spray lubricant that it says inhibits rust while providing four times the lubricity of petroleum-based lubricants. The soy-based lubricant can be used on rollers, hinges, nuts, bolts, construction machinery, electric power tools, and more. Look for it in five available sizes, along with the rest of the Lubri- Matic Green line. Web:

Wider Belt Skims Faster

Zebra Skimmers B-series belt skimmer is now available with a 2-inch-wide poly belt, to accommodate heavier oil loads requiring elevated oil removal rates. This option may be ideal for operations with central tank applications or large surface area sumps. They join the companys stainless-steel belts which are suitable for wash or waste water fluid applications. The B-series skimmers offer heavy-duty steel construction, fancooled motors in a variety of configurations, and poly or stainless-steel belts in various lengths. The dual wipers come with a lifetime warranty and all other parts are guaranteed for a year. Web:

New Comrades for Steel Ops

The Metal Mates product line now includes three new formulas of advanced, high-strength steel lubricants for drawing, flanging, piercing and stamping operations. Metal Mates GN-64 is described as an easy-to-clean synthetic lubricant that can be diluted with water to the required concentration for use when stamping and forming light, medium, or high strength steel. Metal Mates VS-HSS and HP-HSS are for high-strength steels (such as complex phase, dual phase, Martensitic and transformation induced plasticity grades). All three formulas were designed to provide antiwear, anticorrosion, and extremepressure properties; require no cleaning prior to welding; improve die life and quality of parts; and reduce scrap. Web:

All-around Improvement

If you like Trim SC200 from Master Chemical, youll love Trim SC520, the company brags. This upgraded semisynthetic metalworking fluid is designed to be lower cost than other general-purpose semisynthetics, with low odor and ease of recycling or disposal. The new fluid is targeted to multioperational multimetal shops on a budget. It can improve sump and tool life, has an extreme-pressure additive package to control built-up edge, and is compatible with a variety of metals, plastics and composites. Trim SC520 is said to produce only low- to- moderate foam formation and to rapidly reject tramp oils. Web:

Fazed by Phase Separation?

Dallas-based lubricant manufacturer Primrose Oil has added its line of gasoline additives with Phaser 3000, designed to make phase separation a thing of the past. Ethanol-blended gasoline tends to separate into layers when the ethanol drops out at the saturation point of condensation, resulting in a gas layer and a water/ethanol layer. This can render a vehicle inoperable and damage the fuel tank. With the addition of Phaser 3000, drivers can prevent and even reverse thisproblem. They can maintain the storage stability of their gasoline, neutralize acid and prevent rust and corrosion. Web:

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