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Grease Advice and Tips

Nynas wants to share a wealth of knowledge: Its making the recently published 64- page handbook, Naphthenic specialty oils for Greases, available to order for free at the companys web site. The handbook is written by technical experts including Dr. Luis Bastardo- Zambrano and Mehdi Fathi-Najafi. The manual contains information regarding oil refining techniques, basic mineral oil chemistry, grease production, handling and health, safety and environmental issues. To request a copy, e-mail, or visit (click Naphthenics, then Publications).

Worth 1,000 Words

Xtreme Universal Heavy Duty and Xtreme Pure- Flo tractor hydraulic fluids are now being packaged in pails featuring photoquality heat transfer labels from Cross Packaging – an industry first, it boasts. Cross full color label designs, applied to the pails during manufacturing, feature attractive pictures of industrial, farming or logging equipment depending on the product to which they are being applied. Web:

Oils for Inland Waters

Chevron Delo 710 LE is a new low-emissions diesel engine oil created for todays inland marine operations. It holds approvals from EMD and GE, and is designed to use with low- and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels, and in engines with or without exhaust after-treatment systems. This Tier IV compliant SAE 20W-40 lubricant has detergents, dispersants and oxidation inhibitors to extend oil life, protect against wear and reduce oil consumption – all while reducing ash levels by 50 percent. The combination of advanced additives and highly refined Isosyn base oil allows Delo 710 LE to perform like a synthetic lubricant, says the company, so it protects cylinders, pistons, bearings and rings or longer life and less maintenance. Web: www.

Carries Your Load

Specialty Equipment has a new line of unmanned transfer cars, designed to receive and discharge pallets and heavy loads from 1,000 to 10,000 pounds. Customizable, they will accommodate a variety of load sizes over short- and long-distance transport. Available with powered rollers, multi-strand chains or wire-mesh belt surface conveyors, they also offer multi-level loading and unloading capability, festoon power supply, personnel safety bumpers, Vgrooved wheels, and more. The rugged transfer cars meet U.S. and Canadian safety standards, and are built for low maintenance and continuous use, with welded structural steel construction. Web: www.

Anti-seize Lube is Biobased

RyDol Products has a new biobased antiseize lubricant for use on stainless steel nuts and bolts. The product unites two highly effective extreme-pressure friction reducers – PTFE and boron nitride – with a heavy viscosity grade of soybean oil. RyDol stainless steel anti-seize lubricant is designed to provide anti-galling and seizure performance requirements in bolted stainless steel structurals, says the Shelbyville, Ky.-based company. It joins other RyDol products on the USDA BioPreferred Products list, which encourages the procurement of renewable agriculture-based products, and it also meets the EPAs Environmental Preferable Purchasing (EPP) criteria. Web:

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