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Sinclair Offers Polaris Testing

Sinclair Oil Lubricants customers who want to quickly identify problems before they cause damage or equipment failure have a new option: Under a new agreement, Polaris Laboratories will test and analyze their coolants, lubricants, diesel fuel and water-based fluids. These tests can identify wear particles and contaminants, so action can be taken to extend equipment life and improve function. In addition, Sinclair customers will have access to Horizon, Polaris free online reporting application to view analysis results and recommendations for maintenance as soon as they are known. Polaris is an ISO 17025 A2LA certified testing laboratory, to assure quality, and the program will be available through distributors in 22 states. Web: www.

Gear Up for Wind Power

Three new synthetic gear oils are available from Kluber Lubrication for the wind power industry: Klubersynth GEM 4N, a polyalphaolefin; Klubersynth GH 6, a polyglycol; and Klubersynth GEM 2, a rapidly biodegradable ester. All are said to be high-performance products resistant to foam and residue formation as well as micro-pitting. They feature high-load capability, wear protection, resistance to aging, and low friction values, and meet gear performance requirements. The products can reduce operating costs by extending time between oil changes and reducing power loss to provide increased yield over turbine lifetime, says Kluber. Web:

One Stop for Metalworking Fluids

Lanxess subsidiary Rhein Chemie has introduced the Additin RC 5000 series of water-miscible metalworking fluid additives. These 12 new products include lubricity additives, corrosion inhibitors, extreme pressure additives, and complete additive packages. With the addition of these products, RheinChemie is now a one-stop source for products to be used in water-soluble and emulsifiable metalworking fluids. It also has plans to further expand the product line. Web:

Ahead of the Game

Recreational boaters can breathe easy: Chevron Oronites new 4-stroke water-cooled engine oil additive, OLOA 22009, already meets the FC-W Catalyst Compatible specification recently set by the National Marine Manufacturers Association. For oil marketers, the additive eliminates the need to invest time and money developing a new functional product that also meets the newly approved standard. Kevin Castile of Chevron Oronite says OLOA 22009 has a proven track record in engine tests and the field. The low-phosphorus chemistry is said to reduce deposits on ring grooves, offer anti-wear protection, and prevent rust formation. Web:


ZXP Technologies has been approved as a reblender of Dexron-VI automatic transmission fluid – the only automatic transmission fluid approved for servicing GM vehicles produced since 2006. The fluid also is backward compatible with all older GM models, where it improves vehicle performance. ZXP says its Dexron-VI will be competitively priced and available to companies large and small in a variety of sizes, from small packages to bulk. It will also supply the fluid for private-label sales or under its 1st Priority brand. Web:

Lyden Joins Green Team

Lyden Oil has begun marketing ProGuard ECO motor oils, a recycled green alternative. This API-licensed oil is made from used passenger car motor oil that would otherwise be burned or discarded. Instead, it is rerefined by a hydrotreating process and blended with additives. Its ideal for buyers, such as the U.S. Postal Service, who are required by Executive Order 13101 to use recycled motor oils. Lyden (now celebrating its 90 anniversary) also is offering to industrial customers a new line of environmentally conscious hydraulic oils, made from rerefined and reformulated base stocks that it says can boost performance. Web:

New Scales

Mettler Toledo has introduced a series of new floor scales, including the PUA 220 and PUA 674. The former is a low-profile painted barrel general-purpose scale with optional wheels. It can be applied in industry, small businesses, warehouses, and shipping and receiving departments. The PUA 674 is a low-profile painted lift scale intended for chemical exposure and general industry. For cleaning purposes, the front handles allow it to be easily angled upward for total access to the floor and base of the scale. It comes equipped with built-in gas springs for easy lifting. This design allows for maximum floor space and simple storage. Web:

CEC Nod for Tannas Viscometer

The European CEC L-36-90 test standard now includes the Tapered Bearing Simulator viscometer from Tannas. Its the first commercially available high-shear-rate, high-temperature viscometer, and the sole completely automated absolute viscometer on the market, the company boasts. Now it can be applied to specifications for engine oil viscosity in Europe and China. Its currently used in the ILSAC GF-series engine oil specifications and for determination of SAE J300 Viscosity Classification. The TBS viscometer operates in accordance with ASTM D4683 and D6616. Web:

Dow Symbio Now BioPreferred

Dows new Symbio bio-hydraulic fluid has joined the USDAs BioPreferred list of biobased products. The BioPreferred program aims to promote use of renewable, environmentally conscious products and to create jobs for farmers in new markets. Besides being biodegradable, Symbio is tough, says Dow. It prevents wear while functioning with reservoir temperatures from -10 to 70 degrees C, and at pressures up to 5,000 psi. Dow Symbio utilizes high-oleic canola oil and polyalkylene glycol, for deposit control and hydrolytic and thermooxidative stability. Designed for stationary hydraulic equipment, it also can be used for marine equipment, large fountains, and amusement rides operating in mild sensitive environments. Web:

Resealable, Small Packages

International Products Corp. now offers a number of its P-80 temporary rubber assembly lubricants in 10-milliliter resealable plastic tubes. Available in cases of 100, these small tubes are the ideal size for rubber component and seal distributors to include with their products to ensure proper installation, and to speed assembly in the appliance, automotive and pump industries. The lubricants include P-80-Emulsion, a milky biodegradable lubricant for O-ring, bushing, grommet and hose assembly, and P-80-Thix, a no-drip gel form for overhead or vertical use. There are also NSF H1 registered versions that meet FDA standards for incidental food contact, and more. Visit IPCs website for pricing and samples. Web:

Winters Coming

To recycle used oil and heat your work space, Reznor offers the RA-150 and RAD-150 waste oil heaters. Both are quiet, easy to use, and inexpensive to maintain, says the company. They feature efficient swing-out doors, service shelves and service panels for easy access to heat exchangers, combustion chambers and other components. They operate on an automatic thermostat, and to save floor space, users may suspend them on a wall or from shop ceilings. They are rated for 150,000 BTU input. Reznor says the RA-150, a standard space heater, or the RAD-150, a ductable furnace with heavy-duty blower for concentrating heat, can help users save money on their heating bills and avoid having to dispose of used oils offsite. Web: www.

In the Mix

Bemateks in-line wet mixer systems are said to decrease waste and be easy to clean. Use of a high-speed wet mixer can increase stability, viscosity, color, texture, uniformity and repeatability of the product, says the company. Its systems use a pump, stainless steel tank, valves and quick-disconnect piping to pass slurry in its entirety through a high-shear mixing head. Use them for processing continuously or for recirculation via a tank. The design allows handling of viscous materials upwards of 1,000 cPs, flow rates from 0.5 to 300 GPM, and dispersion down to 1 micron, within about 1 percent repeatability. Priced at $39,500 and up. Web:

Hot New Flashpoint Tester

The PMA-4 flashpoint tester from Petrolab reduces human error by automatically determining Pensky-Martens ASTM D93 flashpoint. Safety features include a flame thermo-detector and an over-temperature protection circuit. Other features include both gas and electric ignition, handling of 7 or 70 ml samples, and a multifunction head to reduce interval time between tests. Also available is a 12-position test cup sample changer, to cut cleaning and prep time as well as expense. Web:

Another Wind Winner

Mobilgear SHC XMP 320 gear oil recently earned approval from Winergy, as service-fill lubricant for gearboxes used in GEs 1.5 megawatt wind turbines. The approval was based on over 30 tests simulating up-tower turbine gear, bearing, seal, surface coating and filter conditions, and the three companies also developed qualified conversion and refill procedures for the oil. The synthetic gearbox oil offers performance, extended life, resistance to oxidation, high viscosity index and low-temperature fluidity. Formulated with an additive system that protects against scuffing and micropitting, it can increase energy production and reduce costs by reducing equipment maintenance needs and downtime, says ExxonMobil. It also has gained appovals for service fill in Bosch-Rexroth and Moventas gearboxes, also used in GE 1.5-MW turbines. Web:

Chlorine-free Metalworking Fluid

Blaser Swisslube recently introduced Blasocut BC935, a high-performance, water-soluble metalworking fluid for individual machines or central filter systems. As a chlorine-free mineral oil based micro-emulsion, Blasocut offers extended tool life and excellent surface finish for grinding and machining of steel, stainless steel, high-temperature alloys, and aluminum, says Blaser Swisslube. It also allows rust-free machining of cast iron. The new fluid features spontaneous emulsification to extend sump life indefinitely, maintain clean machines and ensure grinding wheels are well-flushed, even when used at low concentrations. Web:

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