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Shell Tackles Paper Machinery

Paper-making plants are the focus for Shell Delima S, a mineral oil based, zinc-free circulating oil for paper machines. Designed to disperse contaminants while providing rapid water separation in reservoirs, Delima S is effective in the harsh conditions seen in these high-temperature and high-pressure machines. It provides excellent corrosion protection, filterability and antifoam characteristics. Used in the manual, ring, collar or rolling bearings of the paper machines dry end, the oil can be applied to vacuums, water pumps, blowers, main drive shafts and rewinders. Web:

Color-code Your Lubes

Spectrum tags and labels from Trico Corp. help identify lubricants from storage to point of use, while avoiding lubricant cross-contamination. Available in 10 colors, the durable color-coded tags and labels may be used for marking storage containers, drums, transport containers, hand pumps, filter carts, transfer carts, dispensing equipment and tools, and machinery. Spectrum tags are weather and chemical resistant, and are made of 1/16-inch UV-inhibited plastic with a tough, clear laminate that withstands acids, caustics, oil and abrasions. Spectrum labels can be marked with a felt-tip or crayon, or with a customized label containing up to four lines of information including a barcode. Web:

Tall Order to Fill?

Specialty Equipment introduces its newest liquid filler, designed for filling 5- to 500-gallon containers, including pails, kegs, drums and extra-tall intermediate bulk containers. The filling lance can reach to within 3 inches of the bottom of an 81-inch-tall IBC, using two hydraulic cylinders to raise and lower the boom and lance carriage from drum height to IBC height. The filler has a digital weight meter with display; 10,000-pound-capacity scale base with four load cells; microprocessor controller; and 250-product menu. Available in carbon or stainless steel, it offers numerous options, including powered conveyors, customized and heat-traced lances and valves, fume booths, and more. Web: www.specialty

A Boost for TO-4

ConocoPhillips Lubricants has beefed up its TO-4 transmission oil line to meet the needs of todays heavy-duty machinery. The new additives used in Conoco PowerDrive Fluid, Phillips 66 Torque Fluid, 76 Lubricants HT/4 Fluid and Kendall Powershift Transmission Fluid can mean improved friction in the clutch in transmission and brake operations, excellent load-carrying properties to prolong gear life, and excellent antiwear protection and deposit control in vane and piston pumps, the company said. Yellow metal protection is also enhanced, for copper and copper alloy components. TO-4 fluids come in several viscosity grades, for the final drive gear box (heavy), transmission (medium) and hydraulic systems (light). Web: http://lubricants.

Battle More Bugs

Dows Bioban Ultra BIT antimicrobial biocide protects water-based metalworking fluids against bacteria, yeasts and fungi. A high-purity glycolic solution of benzisothiazolinone (BIT) that does not contain or release formaldehyde, it has few impurities, a light color and the ability to be used at higher temperatures and under very alkaline conditions. Bioban Ultra BIT provides excellent chemical stability and good compatibility with most metalworking fluid formulations, showing efficacy in preserving oil-in-water emulsions, the company said. It is an effective preservative in most aqueous compositions and compatible with stainless steel, polystyrene, high-density polyethylene and polypropylene. Web:

Nissan Nod for D.A. Stuart

Nissan North America has approved two metal forming compounds from D.A. Stuart, Drawsol WM 950 and Dasco Guard 2413, for use on parts that run through paint phosphate/e-coat systems. The former is a water-dilutable drawing and stamping compound used in the forming of automotive cross members, door jambs, seat components and miscellaneous underhood components. It is also suitable for use on common ferrous alloys including high tensile strength steels. Separating from water and alkaline solutions for extended bath life, Dasco Guard 2413 is an oil-based, water-displacing rust inhibitor that deposits a very light film that offers resistance to corrosion while being removable with alkaline washing. Web: www.

Make Mixing Fast

Anew line of high-speed dispersers from Charles Ross & Son have been designed for vacuum operations. Each disperser is equipped with a self-contained vacuum pump/condensate recovery system and a 5 HP motor that drives the mixer. An air/oil hydraulic lift raises and lowers the disperser blade from the mix vessel, and the rotating speed can be changed with a variable frequency inverter. All wetted parts are made of stainless steel and finished for easy cleaning. Made in sizes from 1 to 250 HP, the mixers can be used for dispersions up to approximately 50,000 centipoise. Web:

Learn to Monitor Oils

Aprofessional training seminar in oil monitoring analysis will be held at the Hilton in Omaha, Neb., Sept. 15. Cosponsored by Condition Monitoring International and Lubrigard, and approved by the Society of Tribologists & Lubrication Engineers, Oil Monitoring 101 focuses on lubricants and tribology, lubrication, sampling methods and concepts, oil analysis, and interpretation. Need more advanced training? Oil Monitoring 201 comes to the Hyatt Regency in Miami, Oct. 21-22. The courses can help professionals prepare for STLEs exam for certification in oil analysis, offered immediately after each seminar. Website:

Move More

FKI Logistexs case conveyor line handles cases, totes and trays used for distributing automotive and consumer goods, and serves other industries ranging from postal and parcel distribution, to food and beverage, to retail. Featuring an all-electric design and run-on-demand technology, the conveyor line combines throughput, superior performance, reliability and ease of maintenance, the company said. With the latest energy-saving features, the conveyors can help reduce operating costs and increase energy efficiency. They also share parts and controls, help simplify maintenance, reduce spare-parts inventories, and make reconfiguration easy. Web:

Mobile Lube Scheduler

Studies prove that lubrication is responsible for over 50 percent of industrial equipment failure, says Generation Systems. Now, the companys Lube-It software, which tracks a plants complete lubrication needs, can come along on lube missions with a hand-held system that has earned Microsoft Windows Mobile certification. By bringing Lube-It reliability reports and routes right out into the plant, the hand-held helps create an accurate database of a facilitys complete lubrication requirements. The system can help lower lubrication costs, improve machine condition for longer tool life, and increase reliability, the company said. It also increases uptime and productivity, and lowers errors and operating costs. Web: www.

Weighing In

The PBA220 from Mettler Toledo provides high-performance weighing in dry environments. Designed for light-duty applications in the chemical and other industries, the scale is available in a square or rectangular option, with six capacities and nine dimensional sizes. Additionally, it shares all accessories with the companys PBA330 platforms, including their low-profile cart, roller top, ball top, column and floor stand. Web:

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