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Twice each year we engage Readex to survey a random selection of LubesnGreases subscribers, asking them to rate the ads in a speci?c issue based on how believable, informative and attention-getting they are. Weve just received the results from the January survey, and ConocoPhillips had the highest average composite score, 84 percent out of a possible 100.

ConocoPhillips ad scored an impressive 94 percent in the believable category. Chevron Lummus Globals ad and Sunocos ad tied (at 90 percent) in the attention-getting category. And the Cannon Instrument Co. ad was winner of the informative category with 87 percent. Congratulations to all!

All of us at LNG extend our thanks to the anonymous readers who completed and returned the survey.

In addition to rating ads, survey participants completed a short companion questionnaire, and the results are impressive. Fully 76 percent read half or more of a typical issue; the average time with a typical issue is more than 50 minutes. Two-thirds save their copies for reference, and nine out of 10 have taken one or more actions as the result of reading our articles or columns in the past 12 months.

And an amazing two-thirds have acted on ads in LubesnGreases in the past year: 45 percent discussed ad(s) with others; 24 percent passed ad(s) along to others; 18 percent recommended products or services advertised; 17 percent contacted advertiser(s); and 6 percent purchased a product or service as a result of an ad in the magazine youre holding.

If the lubricants industry is your market, youll receive the best return on your investment with ads in LubesnGreases. Gloria will be delighted to tell you more.

Clari?cation: Last month I wrote that ILMA uses APIs Aftermarket Audit Program to collect and test both licensed and unlicensed motor oils marketed by its members. I should have made clear that the ILMA and API programs, while they use the same contractors to collect and test oil samples, are completely separate.

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