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Readers asked for it. Advertisers asked for it. Youll get it. Coming in July, youll receive the Lubricants Industry Sourcebook in the familiar tabbed and indexed print edition and in an all-new searchable online version.

In the LNG Sourcebook Online you can search by products, companies, locations, brands or any keyword, and click on company names for complete listing information. LNG Sourcebook Online will be accessible at no charge not just to LubesnGreases readers, but to anyone anywhere searching for companies, products and services in the lubricants industry.

Last month we contacted U.S. and Canadian companies to provide updated information for their free basic listings. Its not too late to include your company. If you havent yet replied to our emails or snail mailings, please reply today. Or you can visit takesurvey.asp?c=LNG2008 today to ?ll out the short survey online.

Weve extended the deadline to Feb. 21, but please dont delay. Remember, basic listings are free, but your company wont be included if you dont supply current information. Need another questionnaire? Have a question? Please call or email me today.

And if you havent signed on already, please consider the year-round bene?ts of a Sourcebook ad. Every print edition advertiser will receive a banner ad in LNG Sourcebook Online absolutely free. Premium position print advertisers banners will appear on the LNG Sourcebook Online home page and/or key sub pages. Run-of-the-book print edition advertisers banners will appear on search result pages. Of course all advertisers will have live links from their listings and from their ads to the web addresses they select.

Want to learn more? Email and Gloria Steinberg Briskin will be delighted to ?ll you in.

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