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Brad Penn to Power Monsters

Brad Penn Grade 1 Racing Oil, manufactured by American Refining Group, will be the official lubricant at next years Monster Jam. Under the deal, Monster Jam creator Live Nation Motor Sports (a subsidiary of the Live Nation concert promoter) will distribute Brad Penn lubricants. Thirty-three monster trucks – including Grave Digger, Ninja Turtle and Monster Mutt – will exclusively use the oil, and display the Penn Grade 1 logo on each. Live Nation said it tested the oil for over a year, and found it outstanding. The racing oil has been proven to protect massive engines under grueling, pounding conditions, added Brad Penns Dick Glady. Web:

Bio-based Mold-release Agent

Good news for concrete-casting and other total-loss lubricant applications: Functional Products has a new bio-based moldrelease additive, CMR-1001. Its formulated to react with mold surfaces but not the concrete, so it eliminates risks like porosity, blistering and form break-out that lead to surface defects, as seen with traditional formulations. When using CMR-1001 at treat rates from 5 to 10 percent, a thin protective barrier forms on the mold surface to improve release and casting surface quality. Also use it for die casting, metal stamping, roll forming, machining, broaching, grinding, milling and general purpose metalworking. Web:

Triton Goes to Extremes

ConocoPhillips new Triton ECT SAE 5W-40 is a full-synthetic API CJ-4 diesel engine oil designed to endure extreme conditions. Able to lubricate both modern low-emissions diesel engines and older engines alike, it provides excellent soot control, wear protection and low-temperature oil pumpability, the company said; it also boosts fuel economy relative to a 15W-40 grade. Triton ECT meets lubrication requirement of engines compliant with 2007 lowemissions regulations, plus meets heavy-duty engine oil specifications for Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Mack and Volvo. Its available through Conoco, Phillips 66 and 76 Lubricants channels, in bulk and drums. Web:

Valvoline Teams with Roush

Valvoline and Roush Fenway Racing have collaborated on Roush motor oil, a line of six new motor oils for new and older passenger cars and automotive enthusiasts. The line-up includes fullsynthetic SAE 5W-20, 5W-30 and 5W-50 formulations engineered for maximum horsepower, heat protection and longer-lasting zinc/phosphorous antiwear, the partners said. For high performance engines with push-rod and flat-tappet applications, there are SAE 10W-30 and 10W-40 high-zinc formulas, also both fully synthetic. Finally, Roush Break-in Oil is a high-zinc, conventional SAE 40 weight oil designed to break in engines. A quart of Roush oil is priced at $7.99. Web:

Automatic Drum Palletizer

A fully automatic empty-drum palletizer designed to transfer empty drums from a conveyor to a pallet is now available from Specialty Equipment. The EDP-500 is an air-overelectric system that can handle 30- to 55-gallon steel, fiber or poly drums in a 4, 5 or 6 drum pattern (depending on size) onto a pallet. The process includes vacuum cups which raise the drums and lower them onto a waiting pallet. Constructed of steel components, the palletizer has an average load time of four drums per minute. It also has a switch that lets the transfer carriage remain in the home position, allowing tall IBCs to pass through. Web:

Lanxess Earns FDA Nod

Need to protect a food-grade lubricant from microbes? Lanxess has received EPA, FDA and NSF approval to use the biocide p-Chlorom-cresol (PCMC) in industrial lubricants. Marketed under the brand Preventol CMK, it has earned FDA approval for use at levels up to 1 percent as an antimicrobial preservative for lubricants that may have incidental contact with food, such as H1 lubricants. The preservative is effective against bacteria, yeast and mold fungi, and is also used in many industrial water-based applications such s metalworking fluids. Web:

Knock Out Mycobacteria

Bioban OPP 63 Antimicrobial joins the o-phenylphenol line up at Dow Biocides. This new bactericide and fungicide shows efficacy against mycobacterium and other harmful microorganisms in metalworking fluids. Not all phenols are the same, points out Dows Nanette Hermsen, and key benefits of Bioban OPP 63 include superb pH and thermal stability, an absence of halogens and especially the ability to be extensively biodegraded – so it can be processed through normal public water-treatment systems. The liquid can be formulated into a concentrate and used as a tankside treatment, too. Its formaldehyde-free and compatible with all water-based fluid types. Web:

Dry Lube Keeps Rolling

New heavy-duty Dry Moly from Cyclo Industries is a dry lubricant with extreme pressure properties. Its layered crystals are said to chemically bond to metal surfaces, filling in imperfections, lowering shear resistance and providing lubricity. The aerosol air-dries quickly, leaving a thin film of 0.3 to 0.5 mm. It does not attract dust, and can withstand temperatures up to 800 F intermittent (700 F constant). Use it on sliding surfaces and gears, bushings, bearings, conveyors, chutes, lock mechanisms, automotive/industrial gaskets and run-in of new or rebuilt parts. Web:

NAL Goes Pure Green

North American Lubricants is rolling out Pure Green, a line of lubricants formulated with rerefined base stocks. These offer performance equal to or greater than conventional lubes, with similar price levels, NAL says, while being an environmental choice. The line includes passenger car engine oil, heavy-duty engine oil, hydraulic oil and universal tractor fluid. Available in bulk only through NALs 44-state network, they are aimed at installers and industries such as quick lubes, trucking, garbage collection, construction and agriculture. Web:

See In the Dark

Tired of needing a flashlight to view liquid levels inside tanks or vessels? The Jerguson NightStar illuminator provides 24-hour visibility of magnetic level gauges, even in no-light or low-light environments. The bright LEDs provide high contrast visibility for operators who need to verify liquid levels of storage tanks during daylight hours or at night. NightStar-equipped indicators are approved for use in Class 1, Div. 1 applications and are not angle dependent, so viewers can take readings from many positions. Bright LEDs have a nominal life of 10 years. Web: www.

Sootslayer Handles Extended Drains

Lubriguard API CJ-4/SM diesel engine oil from Warren Oil boasts twice the soot-handling ability of typical API CI-4 engine oils. Formulated to increase engine performance and engine life, the SAE 15W-40 diesel oil is said to enable extended-drain service in fleets using ultra low sulfur diesel fuels containing 15 ppm sulfur, as well as off-highway diesel with up to 500 ppm sulfur. Featuring Sootslayer technology, it has a high starting TBN and strong TBN retention rate. It has received approvals from Mack, Volvo, Detroit Diesel, Cummins and Renault, and also meets ACEA E7-04.

Software Manages Workflow

The latest version (V4.3) of DM2 Softwares Petroleum Insights ERP (enterprise resource planning) program has been released. Designed for petroleum distributors, the integrated software combines financial, operational, customer relations and business analysis applications, to simplify company workflow and keep the focus on the customer. Based on Sage Softwares MAS 90 and 200 suites, the update provides a 360- degree view of sales, service, finance, operations and management, says DM2, and keeps information flowing between company areas. Web:

Whats Viscosity?

Brookfield is offering its Practical Course on Viscosity Measurements at three locations next month, to provide hands-on knowledge of viscosity test methods. These one-day training sessions are presented in an easy-to-understand format that give attendees the ability to verify and improve upon the data required for meaningful research and successful quality-control testing. The course will be offered Nov. 6 at Brookfields facility in Middleboro, Mass., Nov. 18 in Salt Lake City, and Nov. 20 in San Francisco. Web:

Hoist a Half-ton

Liftomatics Ergomatic 1000-PLEH-BC drum transporter is an electric and hydraulic lifting system that transports steel, plastic and fiber drums weighing up to 1,000 pounds. The quiet lift system is activated by a simple push-button, without needing foot pumps or hand cranks. It comes in 20- and 36-inch lift heights with options including non-sparking packages, alternate coatings and Liftomatics Double Parrot-Beak clamping system for extra safety. It is one of 15 Ergomatic self-contained drum handling models.

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