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Whats new and exciting at LubesnGreases?

Khusro is here!

The Sourcebook is here!

LNG EU is here!

Youve earned an A+ if you checked all three.

Were delighted to welcome Khusro Khan as assistant editor of LubesnGreases. Khusro spent two years as a staff reporter at the Newark, N.J. Star-Ledger where he covered a wide range of subjects, including business, crime, education and features. Two years ago, Khusro moved to the Washington, D.C. area, where he became a technical writer and also has been freelancing for the Washington Post prior to joining LNG. In addition to reporting, writing and editing features and departments for LubesnGreases, Khusro will contribute to Lube Report and our other publications.

Print-edition subscribers received the completely updated 2007-2008 Lubricants Industry Sourcebook with this months magazine. Its the largest Sourcebook weve published in six years. 176 pages listing 830 unique companies in ?ve categories.

Dont miss the opening pages of the Sourcebook, where we provide up-to-date data about the industry, and check out page 14, where weve summarized the past years lube industry mergers and acquisitions. Each tabbed section – for ?nished lubricants and greases, biodegradable and synthetic products, base stocks, additives, and testing, equipment, packaging and other goods and services – includes a complete product index; the lubes and greases section also features a brand index.

For information about ordering copies of the Sourcebook, or ordering the company data as an Excel ?le, visit

Readers response to the charter issue of LubesnGreases Europe-Middle East-Africa (LNG EU for short) has been terri?c. A typical comment: Read your ?rst issue cover-to-cover … with great interest. Youve got all the right kind of data, and advertisers, in there. Edited by Tim Sullivan, LNG EU is our bright new magazine focused on these dynamic regions. To subscribe or learn about advertising in LNG EU, visit

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